Safety accessories and other exhaust accessories

Cook well and safely

So that nothing burns in your kitchen, we have an extensive range of accessories for the exhaust air and recirculation solutions offered by berbel extractor hoods. This includes the berbel remote window contact switch, butterfly valves, low pressure monitors, and other components. They ensure that you can cook well in total safety.

Extractor hoods in exhaust air mode require sufficient supply air. If an open fire is used in the same room in the case of an open-plan kitchen, please ask your chimney sweep about the required safety equipment in accordance with building regulations.

In the case of controlled domestic ventilation, the interaction between the extractor hood and controlled supply air must be clarified by the ventilation fitter. Extensive advice from a specialist is required in the planning phase here. An alternative that is easier to implement from a construction point of view is the use of an extractor hood in recirculation mode.

Window contact switch

Window contact switch

A controlled supply of fresh air in conjunction with your extractor hood. So that you're not left in the dark, the light of your berbel hood can be turned on separately.

Remote window contact switch set, consisting of:

  1. Remote switch (receiver) with socket
  2. Connector between socket and hood
  3. Is connected to a berbel hood so that only the fan and not all power (incl. light) is interrupted
  4. Window contact for mounting to a window
  5. Frame contact for mounting to the frame

  • Remote window contact switch 1002916
  • Window contact switch 6000542

Butterfly valve

Butterfly valve

Can be used as an alternative to the berbel wall box, e.g. for the exhaust of air via the roof

EcoSwitch function can be used

Protects against draughts and pests

Warm air cannot escape from the room

If used in a vertical pipe, a solution should be found for the problem of condensate (installation of condensate separator or similar).

  • Butterfly valve 125 1005218
  • Butterfly valve 150 1005219

low pressure monitor

low pressure monitor

P4 low pressure monitor for extra safety if you have an open fire and for preventing insufficient air.

The low pressure monitor is positioned between the power supply for the exhaust hood and the mains.

If there is dangerous low pressure in the room for more than 180 seconds, the low pressure monitor interrupts the power supply to the hood.

The low pressure monitor is approved by the DVGW for hoods working in exhaust air mode in the same room as an open fire.

An authorised chimney sweep will decide whether you require a low pressure monitor.

Item no.: 6001728