permalyt® recirculation filter

A self-cleaning recirculation filter

The berbel permalyt® recirculation filter is maintenance free: It is the first recirculation filter system to regenerate itself! A thermal catalysis process makes this possible. With berbel, clean air in your kitchen is child's play.

 permalyt<sup>®</sup> recirculation filter  permalyt<sup>®</sup> recirculation filter

Lasting odour trapping - maintenance free

The filter mats consist of a special active carbon block - unique in kitchen technology as yet. This binds up to 97% of the odour molecules that arise during cooking. They are neutralised with the help of a catalyst (thermal catalysis process). The one-off installation of the innovative filter ensures lasting function - without even having to change the active carbon.

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1. Normal mode:
During normal operation, air flows through the filter mats, which capture the odorous substances. The odour elimination rate is 97%.

2. Thermal catalysis:
During the regeneration phase, the heating cartridge in the catalyst heats the core to around 140°C.

Once the target temperature is reached, the circulation fan starts. The hot air flowing from the catalyst heats up the inside of the filter to around 50°C.

This temperature ensures that any embedded odour molecules are released from the active carbon mats and then flow through the catalyst. Here, they are broken down and converted into CO2 and oxygen.

After a total time of around 120 minutes, all of the odour molecules have been broken down and the filter is regenerated. The regeneration process can be interrupted at any time by switching on the hood.

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Pipe connection, Ø in mm 125 | 150
Fan power consumption, W Max. 130
Net weight, kg 5
Planning Guide
    • BUR 150: suitable for all cooker hoods with 150 fan outlet
    • BUR 125: suitable for all cooker hoods with 125 fan outlet
    • Horizontal installation FLU (incl. holding brackets)
    • Available only for hoods with the black EcoSwitch control panel and with a Ø 150 mm fan outlet
    • Minimum chimney height 100 mm higher than if using the BUF 150+. Please pay particular attention to this in the case of our models with one-part and fixed shaft versions (BIH-EG/GL/BL)
    • Only vertical installation possible
    • A separate power connection is required.
    • The control cable of the filter is connected to terminals 1 and 2 for the wall box contact.
Operating Instructions Recirculated air filter permalyt® BUR 150

Operating Instructions Recirculated air filter permalyt® BUR 150
pdf – 6.38 MB

Operating Instructions Recirculated air filter

Operating Instructions Recirculated air filter
pdf – 11.81 MB

Technical data berbel Umluftfilter permalyt BUR

Technical data berbel Umluftfilter permalyt BUR
pdf – 0.19 MB