Recirculation filter

Recirculation technology with a plus for the environment

An extra large surface, lots of active carbon - the berbel recirculation filter has an impressive efficiency rate of 97%. Perfectly processed, fat-free, and odour-neutral air is returned to the room. You only need to replace the active carbon every two to three years, and the filter housing lasts for the entire lifetime of the hood. This is a really strong, environmentally friendly, cost-saving berbel solution for clean kitchen air!

 Recirculation filter  Recirculation filter  Recirculation filter

Fat-free and odour-neutral

This is how the berbel recirculation filter works: First, the fat is expelled from the cooking vapours - thanks to the berbel principle. Then the recirculation filter gets to work. It is located in the top section of the berbel extractor hood. With its large surface and 4.4 kg of active carbon, it binds odour molecules and frees the air from unpleasant odours in no time at all. Freed from odours, the air is then routed back into the room. We offer cost-effective refill packs for changing the active carbon. For lovers of fish, we recommend our special fish active carbon. For really relaxed cooking.

More details on the features
Gebrauchs- und Montageanleitung berbel Umluftfilter BUF 125

Gebrauchs- und Montageanleitung berbel Umluftfilter BUF 125
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