KNX-RF module

Modern home technology

The KNX standard allows for devices to be connected using a standardised BUS system. KNX technology allows for all types of electrical equipment to be operated and interconnected.

 KNX-RF module

Automated connection

The optional berbel KNX-RF module that is available for the models SK/SKE/SKE-L/SKE-S and SKE-I provides for the hood functions to be integrated into a KNX system. The following functions can be programmed for control via a KNX remote switch or other control units: Controlling fan settings (1/2/3/P), effect lighting (on/off), hob lighting (on/off), motor (up/down) or EcoSwitch (recirculation/exhaust mode) If, for example, ComingHome functions are programmed when setting up the KNX system, lighting of the Skyline model can be centrally turned on via a correspondingly assigned KNX switch or it can be integrated in pre-defined “ambiences”. This is particularly useful, if the hood is intended as a light source. Thanks to uniform standards, there are countless possible options for combining functions.

More details on the features
Planning Guide
    • The module must be installed at the factory
    • Integration/programming into a KNX installation must be performed by a certified KNX system integrator/electrician.
    • The ETS file required for KNX-RF integration is available via this link
    • Available for every Skyline model