Downline Infinity


Plenty of room for creativity: the new berbel Downline Infinity features an extra large induction hob, intuitive operation and an extraction system that sets new standards. Cookware makes hardly any noise as it glides across the induction hob that has been printed with CERAN® Still Colors, and which also significantly reduces material abrasion.

Its 900 mm width and impressive 550 mm depth make the new Downline Infinity ideal for kitchen islands. The unique dimensions and generous, new layout allow for all four cooking zones to be used simultaneously, and thanks to the convenient bridge function they can even be combined. By the way: small and big pots are heated up accurately on the innovative two-part cooking zones of the BKA Downline Infinity, making the hob sustainably energy-efficient.

Would you like to hear more? Users are free to decide, whether they would like to operate the trough fan and hob via an illuminated touch panel with slide function or using elegant rotary knobs.

The powerful, energy-efficient fan and aerodynamic separator unit ensure constant extraction power based on the tried-and-tested berbel principle. Cooking and frying vapours are reliably sucked in through the inflow grid. The centrally positioned Powermover can be moved to the left or the right to increase suction power on the respective side. The separator unit consists of two parts that can be simply wiped out or cleaned in the dishwasher. It goes without saying that our new berbel hob extraction system is suitable for exhaust air, recirculation and permalyt® operation.



Available widths:
90 cm

Further design information
 Downline Infinity


The innovative hob extraction system is equipped with various features that make cooking and frying pure joy. The Downline Infinity is equipped with a Powermover that can be positioned at the centre, on the left or on the right, to ensure that rising cooking and frying vapours are captured most effectively. Special inflow grids allow for vapour to be captured easily, even from pots. A range of automatic modes ensure that the fan performance is perfectly adjusted to the cooking situation. The two-part separator unit that can be easily wiped out is also extremely convenient.All removable parts of the hob extractor fan are dishwasher safe. All functions are controlled simply and intuitively, using the integrated touch panel or the elegant rotary knobs.

More details on the features


Available widths in cm 90
Sound level dB(A) min. 60
Sound level 9 (dB(A) according to EN 60704-3) 71
Performance stages 9 + power stage (P)
Fan power consumption, W 230
Fan capacity free blowing, m³/h 1020
Power consumption, kW 6,8
Number of cooking zones 4
Number of power settings 9 + Booster and Doublebooster

Total connected load, kW

Connection 3P + PE + N
Total weight, kg 24 
    • 900 mm wide induction hob for cabinet widths from 900 mm, from a worktop with a depth of 630 mm.

    • Installation type either flush or surface mounted.

    • Shortened drawers are possible with a side panel depth of 560 mm and a vertical tube system guided in the cabinet.

    • Air ducts can be planned in front of and behind the rear wall of the cabinet and under the cabinet (min. 100 mm plinth height).

    • The position of the vertical air duct system can be adjusted to any depth by using a horizontal flat duct section.
Energy-label berbel BKA 90 DLI

Energy-label berbel BKA 90 DLI
pdf – 1.18 MB

Product data sheet Downline Infinity BKA90 DLI

Product data sheet Downline Infinity BKA90 DLI
pdf – 0.06 MB

Operating and installation instructions for rotary knobs

Operating and installation instructions for rotary knobs
pdf – 9.62 MB

berbel Downline Infinity BKA DLI

berbel Downline Infinity BKA DLI
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berbel Downline Infinity BKA DLI Produktbild

berbel Downline Infinity BKA DLI Produktbild
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berbel Downline Infinity BKA DLI Produktbild Topview

berbel Downline Infinity BKA DLI Produktbild Topview
tif – 22.26 MB