berbel Built-in hoods

Particularly in compact kitchens, berbel's built-in hoods come into their own. They are available as a fixed built-in version or in a lift design. Depending on the model, you can choose between recirculation and exhaust air mode. berbel built-in hoods offer maximum flexibility along with top quality.

Built-in hood Glassline

Packing a stylish punch

Built-in hood Firstline Touch

An intelligent solution

Built-in hood Firstline

Simply powerful

The perfect extractor hood in small kitchens
If you like to be creative when you're cooking, you need a strong kitchen assistant to rely on. berbel provides the solution with its powerful extractor hoods such as the fat-filter-free built-in hood. The extractor hoods work quietly and are easy to clean. They demonstrate top efficiency in exhaust air or recirculation mode. Thanks to their flat shape, they snuggle into your kitchen living space like a missing piece of a puzzle, nestling in a top cupboard. And they come with pleasant LED lighting. Thanks to the space-saving installation method, lots of room remains for a spice rack in the top cupboard, too.

Invisible helpers 
The features of berbel's powerful, quiet built-in models leave room for individual kitchen design. The Moveline built-in lift hood completely disappears into the kitchen cupboard and appears again at the touch of a button. If you like to go on the offensive, you're on the right track with the Glassline or Firstline Touch built-in hood. The Firstline built-in hood also offers a strong performance in really small spaces. With the EcoSwitch technology, you can switch between recirculation mode and exhaust air mode depending on the kitchen and weather situation. Particularly in low-energy houses, this makes for both energy-saving and efficient air cleaning.  berbel has a great selection - you can decide for yourself!