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Above the hob, the Ergoline island hood ensures clean air and a lot of headroom. This means that you can focus on what's really important when cooking. At just 46 dB(A), the extractor hood works particularly quietly. Thanks to innovative BackFlow technology in conjunction with the berbel principle, the berbel island hood lastingly and efficiently removes odours and fats from the air. In addition, the integrated LED hob lighting provides a pleasant, extensive working light. berbel - the intelligent take on kitchen technology. 

A happy island with <strong>headroom</strong>

A happy island with headroom


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Available widths:
110 cm

Further design information
Island hood Ergoline

Vapour extraction with power

Ideal headroom, powerful performance with the new EC fan motor (875 m³/h), and perfect hob illumination with the triple position LED strips are just some of the equipment features of the Ergoline island hood.

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Available widths in cm 110
Acoustic pressure stage 3 (dB(A) re 20 µPA) 46
Sound level stage 3 (dB(A) re 1 pW) 56
Performance stages 3 + power stage (P)
Free-blowing fan performance, m3/h 875
Fan power consumption, W 170
LED, W 21,2
LED, LUX 425
Pipe connection, Ø in mm 150
Net weight, kg 50
Afterrun function for recirculation mode ✓ automatic (configurable)
Recirculation filter saturation indicator
Rec. distance from hob 60 cm (gas hob > 65 cm)
Planning Guide
    • Not suitable for use of an external motor
    • Can be used for hobs with a max. width of 90 cm
    • Minimum shaft height for recirculation filter: 700 mm; for hybrid technology (EcoSwitch): 900 mm; for permalyt filter: 800 mm
    • Shaft reduction to 500 or 550 mm available on request
Produktdatenblatt berbel Island hood Ergoline BIH 110 EG

Produktdatenblatt berbel Island hood Ergoline BIH 110 EG
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Energy-label berbel BIH 110 EG-2

Energy-label berbel BIH 110 EG-2
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Planning information berbel BIH EG

Planning information berbel BIH EG
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