berbel Table lift hoods

The berbel Moveline table lift hood rests in the worktop behind the hob. If it is needed, it emerges at the touch of a button and moves to the perfect distance above pots and pans to enable the particularly good capture of all rising cooking vapours. Thanks to the intelligent berbel principle, odours and stubborn clouds of steam are banished from the kitchen really quickly. You can smell the difference for yourself!

Table lift hood Moveline

Discreet and powerful

Rise up, clean the air, drop down
Withdrawable vapour extraction - only at berbel! With the Moveline table lift hood, our engineers have developed an extractor hood that is installed down in the worktop and unites lots of intelligent functions. The hob extractor isn't visible at a first glance - the berbel table lift hood waits quietly behind the hob. A big advantage in comparison with a trough fan or table fan is the perfect elimination of cooking vapours and the good lighting of the hob from above.

Easy and quiet
Once activated during cooking using the sensor-touch control, the hood-free extractor moves up and bends over the hob. It reliably positions itself to optimally trap cooking vapours and unpleasant odours. Not only the quietness of the extractor is impressive; in addition, it is amazingly easy to clean. The new EC motor and the berbel principle make it possible. Condensate on the decorative glass - no longer a problem with the berbel table lift hood! This makes vapour extraction a really clean process.