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New training dates.
berbel Academy

berbel Academy starts the second half of the year with new dates
After more than three months off, the berbel Academy starts the second half of the year from July 1st, 2020 with extended dates.

A comprehensive training course about modern kitchen ventilation gives specialist dealers the opportunity to delve deeply into the world of berbel extractor hoods. In addition to a detailed product presentation, this includes an intensive look behind the scenes. Finding out live what is behind the term “masterful engineering made in Germany” creates lasting impressions. With the berbel Academy, the company is taking the opportunity to strengthen the professional skills of the sales representatives and their safe handling of the product portfolio. The platform also serves space for an open exchange.

In a small group
For berbel, the health of customers and their own employees is primary concern. The team of the berbel Academy has been working in detail on the implementation of current COVID-19 guidelines in recent weeks. Holistic protection of everyone involved is a top priority. For an optimal process, the Academy will therefore initially take place in smaller groups of six participants. The factory tour and product training were adjusted accordingly so that relevant standards are maintained at all times. The team of the berbel Academy is available to help and advise the participants in two exciting days. After an informative and impressive first day, specialist dealers can look forward to a joint evening program in a relaxed atmosphere.

In addition to the regular weekly training courses, other dates are offered to meet the high demand after the break as quickly as possible. 
Registration for the berbel Academy takes place through the field contact partners.