berbel announces new sales structures

Retail industry remains berbel’s most important partner for marketing its products

berbel announces new sales structures

Rheine, 26 February – For selling its high-quality extraction systems berbel Ablufttechnik GmbH has relied on cooperations with specialist retailers right from the start. All berbel products are distributed via specialist kitchen retailers. Over the past few years, the company has established a sound sales area and has been able to continuously increase sales of its products. berbel is committed to trusting cooperation with specialist retail partners. Because it takes more than a good idea. Strong partners are needed to give his idea a name and to market it successfully.

berbel Ablufttechnik GmbH develops its sales structures further, in order to further reinforce relations with specialist retail partners and to optimise cooperation. From 1 March 2016 three sales managers are going to be in charge of the regions of northern, central and southern Germany. Torben Loss is taking over the northern district, Zoran Cikes the central district and Guido Wöhrlin the southern district. All three of them have been working for berbel as sales representatives for several years. Together with the sales representative teams they are going to provide personal consultation and support to berbel’s customers with regard to effective vapour extraction. “The specialist retail trade stands for qualified consultation and optimised services, making it our most important partner for marketing our exclusive products. berbel is committed to always supporting this central pillar with utmost motivation to ensure that our joint success is increased further,” says Torben Loss.

The internal sales team is in charge of providing optimum customer support even after the sale. The team is lead by Matthias Pieper from now on. “Our internal sales team’s job is in particular to provide professional advice and technical assistance to specialist retailers at all times, and to ensure fast and simple handling of orders. Together with our sales representatives, we are the first point of contact for our customers,” says Pieper.

It is not only at the front that the company impresses customers with berbel products. For a while now, the manufacturer’s specialist retail partners have been able to learn more about the world of berbel at the berbel Academy. In addition to comprehensive product training, participants are granted a look behind the scenes of the extractor hood manufacturer, allowing them to experience the company’s small industry feel on site. All berbel products are developed, tested, assembled, packed and exported around the world from the company premises in Rheine. For specialist retailers, the berbel Academy is an opportunity to reinforce their expertise and the quality of their consultation and for berbel Ablufttechnik GmbH it is the ideal platform for direct exchange with its customers. Daniel Bischoff, head of the berbel Academy, is convinced of the concept: “At the berbel Academy, participants learn not only about the properties and benefits of the products, but it is also an opportunity to spark their personal enthusiasm for the whole company and the berbel brand.”

Peter Ahlmer, Managing Director of berbel Ablufttechnik GmbH explains: “Those structures are a sound basis for providing intense and comprehensive support for our specialist retail partners. We are going to rely on the expertise of the specialist retail trade, also in the future. Because this is the way we can and want to market our products, and to draw closer to our desired market position.”