An interview with the berbel design team

the process of creating the Downline Infinity
An interview with the berbel design team

Rheine on 30 August 2022 – berbel Ablufttechnik GmbH, the extraction system specialists from Rheine in Westphalia, received a total of four prestigious awards for outstanding design this year. Developing a product is a long journey in which a whole team is involved. A thought becomes an idea – an extraction system becomes a stylish kitchen feature. The designer Stefan Ambrozus of Studio Ambrozus and berbel’s CEO Karl von Bodelschwingh talked about developing the Downline Infinity.

“We collect a wide range of impressions. Which way is our society going? What are the characteristics of contemporary design? Technology also plays a key role, as product development always takes place in the context of the state of the art of technology. We then think about how technical possibilities can be developed further, and be used in standardised products,” says the designer Stefan Ambrozus to describe the process for realising innovative product ideas.

“Innovative products are always based on a clear grasp of what customers want. This is why our first step was simply to listen. We asked our customers, retailers but also award-winning chefs and cooperation partners: What are your wishes? What do you want? We then focussed on offering cooks greater freedom,” explains Karl von Bodelschwingh concerning the development of the Downline Infinity hob with integrated extraction system.

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