Downline hob extraction system receives special award

Plus X Award “Best product of the year 2018”
Downline hob extraction system receives special award

Rheine in May 2018 – “In addition to the seven product quality seals awarded by the jury of the Plus X Award, there is also a special award that is bestowed upon brands: >Best product of the year<. The Plus X Award selects only the best among the best products for this annual award – those products that were successful in the highest number of award categories for their product type.” This is an excerpt from the press release by the award jury. 

The winner 

The hob extraction system Downline is the combination of a modern induction hob and an extraction system that works without traditional fat filters. The berbel Downline operates with centrifugal force instead, by means of the tried and tested berbel principle. The result is a lasting strong performance by an easy to clean device. 

The berbel Downline hob extraction system comprises an induction hob, whose intuitive operating panel is centrally located at the lower edge of the hob. The hob itself features a completely flat surface, allowing for the entire hob surface to be used and for pots to be simply moved around the cooking area. The flat, flexibly positioned Powermover of the fan can be positioned in the middle, to the right or to the left as needed, to increase the fan’s performance. Special inflow grids with tilted bars allow for odours and steam to be sucked in directly.

The fan can be perfectly adjusted to any cooking situation, with a range of automatic modes. Even tall pots are not a problem for the Downline. Convenient operation makes the system perfect for everyday use. 

Transparent planning options 

It is not the kitchen that needs to adjust, but the berbel Downline hob extraction system can be adjusted to the kitchen. There are various different installation options for recirculation and exhaust air mode. The smart design of the berbel Downline allows for air routing to be adjusted to various cabinet layouts on site. The sophisticated air routing system – whether it is positioned at the front, the rear, or the side, in recirculation or exhaust air mode – prevents any residual humidity from forming in the base cabinet. Both functional and convenient: cleaning and maintenance can be so easy! The separator unit of the Downline can be wiped clean, as always with berbel. All removable parts of the hob extraction system – such as the Powermover, the inflow grid and the two-part separator unit – can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. Only the active carbon filter needs to be replaced once in a while.