berbel Downline Performance

Hob extractor fan for absolute freedom
berbel Downline Performance

“Inspired by the works of my grandfather, I have freed myself piece by piece from the narrowness of this classical thinking. With painting I have found a form to naturally draw my true self out of myself. And so I am always free and happy where I can let off steam with my colours on a canvas. If I then manage to touch others with it, everything is perfect,“ says Jeannine Platz, painter, calligrapher and performance artist from Hamburg. describes her way of life of freedom.

She became known for her expressive pictures of the port of Hamburg harbour - but also through her worldwide art project “Suite View“. The artist crosses borders in her work - and shares this claim of thinking differently with berbel.

Living excellence means: To enjoy the absolute freedom to think things the other way round. An ambience to design the living space almost playfully and at the same time in a smart way. Open, intuitive - and incredibly inspiring in all directions. Innovative and aesthetically impressive, like the multi-award-winning Downline Performance. This trough fan is the ideal partner for any kitchen situation thanks to its discreet design with significant features and functions.

We always feel absolute freedom when we think outside our comfort zone and turn things upside down. This makes the kitchen with the integrated and smart berbel Downline Performance hob extractor fan a place where aesthetics can unfold freely in all directions.