Made in Germany

Local commitment.
Made in Germany

berbel is Made in Germany.
The berbel corporation is well-known: they make extraction systems. Informed customers, who have looked into the issue because they are planning a new kitchen or a conversion, will probably know a little bit more. For example that these are sophisticated extraction systems that work based on the filter-free, powerful berbel principle, along with other effective technologies. Equipment that provides for a top level of air cleaning in kitchens. Highly efficient, without bothersome noise and with no loss of extraction power.

But what is behind all this? 
What is it that makes an extraction system a true berbel?

The extraction specialists produce hob extraction systems, headroom, built-in, ceiling lift, island and wall-mounted hoods in Rheine in Westphalia. All customers will find their ideal device from the wide range of berbel products. The products are absolutely reliable and of the highest quality available. All berbel extraction systems are assembled manually. Piece by piece, step by step. “My berbel is exactly what I wanted,” the website promises. Customers can find information about every product and customise their ideal product with just a few clicks, using a configuration tool. Size, operating mode, design, colour and features: berbel extraction systems are fully customisable. When the equipment leaves the production facility, its proud owners can be sure to receive a unique product made in Germany.

“Based in Germany” is also a promise made by the company. This is how an extraction system that will become part of an individual interior design concept is made. Each berbel system represents the answer to the question, whether a product can improve the quality of life and personal circumstances.

The notion of the kitchen as an integral part of interior architecture is a sustained trend. However, a kitchen can only become a social venue if it is occupied by people and filled with life. berbel extraction systems stand for kitchens as living spaces, for diversity and the joy of cooking together. More and more alternative residential models have emerged in recent years. Diversity and heterogeneity are ever increasing, and social circumstances are shifting. This gives rise to a growing interest in different forms of cohabitation for all generations. The term co-housing emerged in Denmark. Co-living units and multi-generational housing is created, alongside patchwork and sharing models. New forms of living also require new ways to think about rooms and their fit-out. berbel has solutions for wherever cooking takes place. The extraction systems are characterised by high design standards and technology that is beneficial to all styles of life and living. After all, the kitchen is going to be at the heart of togetherness, also in the future.