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living excellence
berbel Product gallery

Löhne on 17 September 2022 – berbel takes part in this year’s area30 with a 380 square metre big booth in a new location. The theme of the new trade fair concept is ‘living excellence’. This motto reflects excellent products as well as the design awards which the extraction system experts received in 2022.

Downline gallery

A special showcase is dedicated to an outstanding berbel product: all features and functions that make the Downline Infinity so unique are presented along the entire length of the booth. This new member of the Downline family received the prestigious ‘Best of the Best’ distinction that is awarded by renowned design institutions. In the ‘Downline gallery’, the induction hob with an integrated extraction fan and its accessories – such as rotary control knobs and socket modules – are presented in designer kitchen furniture. A generous part of the presentation area is also dedicated to the technical side.

Kitchen adventures
In three presentation cubicles, berbel shows a selection of its top-quality products in different kitchen scenarios.

The first cubicle is home to a contemporary black-and-white kitchen ensemble featuring the award-winning headroom hood Ergoline-2, the Skyline Edge island hood with lift function and the Downline Infinity hob extractor. The extraction hoods of the berbel Black Edition series, the Ergoline-2 and the Skyline Edge with its matt black decorative glass, can show off their versatility in combination with matching matt kitchen fronts. A stunning contrast is provided by the Downline Infinity with its black rotary knobs that are integrated into a puristic, white cooking island.

Warm, natural surfaces such as walnut are paired with distinctive and technical materials such as metal and glass in the second cubicle. The Skyline Frame island hood shows once again how there is still room for emotions alongside a great passion for technology: effect lighting in a coppery tone makes for a warm and cosy atmosphere. The ensemble is rounded off by the Formline headroom hood from the Black Edition, the Smartline headroom hood and the Downline Performance hob extraction system, impressively showcasing how technical devices can be combined with natural materials.

A modern, monochromatic statement is presented in the third cubicle, showing off the wide range of planning options one more time. Possibilities range from integrated designs such as the built-in Glassline hood that is concealed in a hanging cabinet or the Downline Compact that is part of the kitchen counter, through to more extroverted ideas, such as the Skyline Edge Light island hood that is a real eye-catcher above kitchen islands. berbel extraction systems are right at home in any kitchen.

berbel academy

The berbel academy allows all interested visitors to take a short trip into the world of cooking vapours and get an insight into the technical expertise that makes products by berbel so unique.

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