berbel stands for value

Committed to sustainability

The berbel corporate philosophy represents values and value - ever since the company was founded. Sustainability is not limited to product features and processes, but also concerns respectful treatment of the people involved in the production process.

Technologies with added value

berbel has been developing, producing and selling extractor units, which are handcrafted at the company‘s headquarters in Rheine, Germany, since 2001. Only high-quality raw materials such as anti-magnetic stainless steel and control components from German quality manufacturers are used. berbel appliances meet the highest safety and quality standards in private kitchens. Resourcesaving production, efficient transport routes and significantly less disposal of old appliances reduce the burden on the environment. For this, berbel gives a 5-year guarantee.

the berbel principle works with the power of the centrifuge, without the use of performance-reducing grease filters. Every extractor unit remains as powerful as it was on the first day.


the berbel EC fan motors are quieter and save up to 62 % energy compared to conventional fans.

Environmentally friendly

changing the odour filters is easy: only the activated carbon in the filter needs to be replaced with a refill pack. No need to replace the entire filter system.


the permalyt® filter system transforms unpleasant odours in the kitchen into clean air. Self-regenerating and maintenance-free.

Social commitment

At berbel, sustainability also means a fair partnership with employees, trading partners and suppliers. The human factor plays a major role in production in Germany. For more than 20 years, berbel is connected by a close partnership with the Freckenhorster Werkstätten and Caritas. These cooperations with facilities for people with disabilities have been one of the reasons for berbel‘s growth and development in recent years.

The result is high-quality extractor units - Made in Germany.