Winner of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2021

The hob extractor fan Downline Performance was awarded for design and product innovation.
Winner of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2021

berbel has won this year‘s iF DESIGN AWARD, becoming one of the winners of the world-renowned design label. The Downline Performance trough fan was awarded the prize in the discipline Product, category Kitchen Extraction System/integrated hob with extractor hood and regenerative filter system permalyt®. The iF DESIGN AWARD is announced once a year by the world‘s oldest independent design institution, iF International Forum Design GmbH in Hanover.

The hob extractor fan Downline Performance convinced the 98-member, independent, international jury of experts by its innovative, regenerative permalyt® filter. The number of applicants was large: the jurors had to award the popular seal of approval from among almost 10,000 submissions from 52 countries.

“Once again berbel shows its strength through innovative products. Our hob with integrated extractor fan and optimised separation unit ensures consistently high grease separation while at the same time requiring less energy. The Downline Performance trough fan with the patented berbel principle offers the highest level of vapour capture and the best air purification in the smallest of spaces. The award for our permalyt® regenerative filter system is fantastic,“ says berbel‘s General Sales Manager Markus Wegmann, delighted to receive another award.

The recipe for best air
The self-regenerating and maintenance-free berbel permalyt® filter has been a new addition to the downline family since January 2021. The filter system reliably and permanently transforms unpleasant odours in the kitchen into clean air. The filter mats of the berbel permalyt® filters are made of a special type of active carbon, which enables two modes of operation. During normal operation, air flows through the filter mats and captures the odorous substances. Up to 97 percent of odours are eliminated. After a certain duration of use the regeneration process starts in the closed filter system. Odours are neutralised with the aid of a catalyst through a thermal catalysis process. The first recirculating air filter system that regenerates itself.