Ergoline 2 of berbel’s Black Edition receives an award.

The Ergoline 2 in matt black is the latest addition to the berbel Black Edition design line. Its elegant matt black frosted glass screen and the powder-coated body in the same colour make this headroom hood a true statement piece. The sophisticated look is a perfect match for the new 2020 kitchen fronts. In its classic version, combining stainless steel with an individually painted glass screen, the extraction hood is already a top seller. It was therefore not too big a surprise when the 90 cm wide version in exquisite matt black quickly became another favourite item among non-conformists and was also awarded a price.

More than just an eye-catcher 
“We are very happy to receive the prestigious PLUS X AWARD for our Ergoline 2 headroom hood in matt black, as it is an extraction system that effortlessly fits into any kitchen design,” says CEO Karl von Bodelschwingh. The PLUS X AWARD‘s independent international expert jury of specialist editors, designers and industry experts selected the Ergoline 2 as a winner in the following categories: High Quality, Design and Ease of Use.

Great performance thanks to innovative technology 
The brand’s outstanding characteristics include the patented berbel principle that allows for lastingly efficient removal of fats and cooking odours. An ideal additional feature for the headroom hood Ergoline 2 is the BackFlow technology that prevents condensate from accumulating on the slanted decorative glass panel. This is achieved by means of a secondary ventilation circuit. The inside of the Ergoline 2 is also finished to the highest standards. An integrated cushioning system ensures that the flap can be opened and closed comfortably. The stainless steel collection tray can be easily removed for convenient cleaning. It is simply swung out and wiped clean. The Ergoline 2 is outstandingly powerful at a very low noise level, thanks to its combination of tried and tested with innovative technologies.
Like all versions of the hood, this model also features dimmable LED hob lighting. The colour temperature can be controlled simply and precisely via the operating panel. Cooler light colours for bright kitchens, and warmer tones for darker kitchens – or even depending on the time of day and the desired lighting mood. Indirect back panel lighting underlines the selected lighting atmosphere. The hood’s slanted design is not only eye-catching, most of all it ensures that there is plenty of headroom for cooking and preparations.