First Love

Interior Designer Andreas Neudahm on berbel living excellence and the emotion First Love.
First Love

„The kitchen is becoming more and more homely, the kitchen is becoming the center of the home. An extractor hood is one of the most important things in the kitchen“, describes Andreas Neudahm – Interior Designer for hotel projects, working throughout Europe and on the international stage.
In these special times, the kitchen is not just a place of cooking. Here you meet up with friends, here the family is at home. And the kitchen can do even more: it becomes a home office, a workplace, a place of perfect work-life balance. There is no room in the house that exudes as much homeliness as an open-plan kitchen. berbel is right on the pulse of the times with the ceiling lift hoods of the Skyline series.

„You create this feel-good atmosphere by designing something. And when you design something, you create emotions. These emotions must get to the point. That‘s the emotion First Love“, Andreas Neudahm explains the first impression a viewer has when he enters a room.  „The first moment, the love and the emotion that arise and is felt in the process, play an essential role. The lived excellence I get, for example, by smell. This includes light, the perfect lighting. This includes music and, of course, the hardware, the interior design itself. But basically, it's an overall package that needs to be designed to really feel it right away – a thoughtful, lively concept.“ As an interior designer, Andreas Neudahm knows how to align all the senses with the object. 

berbel‘s free-hanging ceiling lift hoods are characterised by their floating elegance. At the touch of a button, they glide gently down from the ceiling towards your hob where they can deploy full berbel power at the optimum distance from your hob: for clean air and comfortable headroom. This powerful extractor from berbel with the patented berbel principle absorbs vapours and odours immediately, so that they cannot spread in the room.

Andreas Neudahm is Managing Director of Neudahm Hotel Interior Design GmbH. As one of Germany‘s leading hotel design experts, he has successfully carried out more than 450 national and international projects. The passionate cosmopolitan knows the needs of modern luxury hotels and gastronomy and thus the high demands of international guests. He shares his passion for innovative kitchen design with berbel. With First Love, Andreas Neudahm describes the incomparable feeling that one feels when entering a beautiful room. The extraordinary design of a berbel Skyline Frame triggers these emotions. The Interior Designer is the face of the new berbel campaign - FIRST LOVE.