berbel Downline hob extraction system

State-of-the-art induction technology and a powerful extraction system – a masterpiece by berbel
berbel Downline hob extraction system

For several years now berbel, the specialist for state-of-the-art extraction technology, has been inspiring the world of kitchens with its Skyline ceiling lift hoods, as well as headroom, wall-mounted and island hoods and many other innovative products. On the occasion of this year’s area30 berbel once again presents innovative top-of-the-range technology.

The berbel engineers took all the time they needed to create an unparalleled product. The berbel Downline features all the outstanding characteristics of berbel’s tried and tested hoods.

Integrated in the induction hood developed by berbel, the extraction system provides for efficient air cleaning right where cooking takes place. With the patented berbel principle using centrifugal force instead of fat filters. Cooking and frying vapours are effectively sucked in, so they do not escape to the room.

The berbel Downline not only sets new quality standards when it comes to technology, it is also characterised by a timeless modern design that can be easily integrated in any kitchen situation. The smart base construction allows for air routing to be adjusted to a wide range of cabinet layouts. Before it was even launched, the Downline received the Plus X Award 2017.

Optimised vapour capture thanks to the flexible Powermover.

The movable Powermover of the berbel Downline is a pioneering feature. It captures steam and vapour in a flow optimised manner. The Powermover can be positioned in the centre, to the left, or to the right. The tilted bars of the inflow grid capture steam and vapour even from taller pots. This allows for the fan performance to be individually adjusted to each cooking situation. For highly convenient cooking. The separator unit can be easily wiped clean. The individual components of the Downline extraction system are even dishwasher-safe.

The features at a glance.

  • Efficient fat separation at a consistent level using the powerful berbel principle
  • Separator unit for efficient separation without a grease filter, newly registered for patent
  • Extra low-noise thanks to two EC fan motors
  • Durable activated carbon filter by berbel that binds virtually all cooking odours in recirculation mode; low cost, replaceable with refill kit
  • Centrally controlled hob and extraction system
  • Ideal for open-plan kitchens
  • More planning freedom
  • Easy to operate via the integrated touchscreen panel

Available from 15 January 2018, for exhaust air or recirculation operation