berbel Downline Infinity

New dimensions and perfect freedom in cooking
berbel Downline Infinity

The new Downline Infinity is 900 mm wide and an impressive 550 mm deep, making it ideal for kitchen islands. Its unparalleled dimensions and new, generous layout allow for all of the induction hob’s four cooking zones to be used simultaneously. Not even pans will get in each other’s way. The left side of the hob is equipped with two sizeable square coils with bridge function.
On the right, there are two circular double coils with a special feature: their smart zones. These detect the size of the cookware, and the outside coil is automatically switched on or off accordingly. Less energy is therefore used for small pots.

Plenty of room for creativity
The hob of the Downline Infinity enables cooks to realise their full potential. Complex multi-course meals are realised with ease. There is plenty of room for two people to cook together, too. And those who like to show off their cooking skills are bound to make a great impression.

Simple and intuitive control
All key functions of the Downline Infinity can be controlled directly and intuitively. This makes cooking super easy. Tech-savvy users can explore the sub-menus in greater depth and specify custom settings. The range of functions of the induction hob is virtually unlimited. To keep things clear, however, the display only shows what is happening at the time. The trough fan and hob are controlled by means of an elegant illuminated touch panel in white and orange that features a slide function. All elements can be controlled individually.
The berbel engineers and designers have developed an all new underlying approach and control system. A small number of clearly identifiable input elements with an unambiguously structured menu make the Downline Infinity very easy to operate.

A powerful kitchen helper
The new berbel Downline Infinity is characterised by its particularly powerful and energy-efficient ventilation concept. A single fan paired with an aerodynamic separator unit ensure constant extraction power based on the revolutionary berbel principle. Odours and steam are sucked in reliably through an inflow grid with tilted bars. The centrally positioned Powermover can be moved to the left or the right to increase suction power on the respective side. This allows for cooking and frying vapours to be captured effectively.
The separator unit has two parts, and all elements can be wiped out or cleaned in the dishwasher. It goes without saying that the hob extraction system is compatible with exhaust air and recirculation operation, as well as berbel’s regenerative filter system permalyt®.