berbel EcoSwitch

A highly effective berbel accessory.
berbel EcoSwitch

As a vapour extraction specialist, berbel is known for innovative technical developments and a wide variety of designs. Extraction systems by berbel stand for lasting performance and energy-efficiency. The company is also distinguished by engineering achievements that meet customer requirements proactively, thanks to ongoing optimisation. Our guiding principle: Top functionality and appearance for an outstanding cooking performance.

EcoSwitch control allows for a combination of recirculation and exhaust air mode. It is not easy to choose between an exhaust air or a recirculation extraction system. Both types of operation have their pros and cons. Exhaust air mode is especially efficient in removing odours and moisture, even during intense frying or if something is scorched. Recirculation mode is the more energy-efficient solution, as no indoor heat is transported to the outside.

berbel extraction systems that are equipped with the EcoSwitch function, are characterised by a perfect combination of recirculation and exhaust air mode. To match any situation. This extra high degree of flexibility above the cooking area is based on high-grade hybrid technology. You can manually switch between recirculation and exhaust air mode by touching the sensor-touch control panel – even while you are cooking. The advantages of both operating modes can therefore be combined. The exhaust air mode is generally suitable in summer or for particularly intense cooking activities. In winter you will benefit from the energy-efficient recirculation mode, in which no warm inside air escapes to the outside.

Extraction technology made simple.
Perfectly installed berbel technology for an excellent climate. Energy savings of up to 50 % are possible, when berbel exhaust pipes and a berbel extractor hood with EcoSwitch function are combined. In addition, the air remains clean and unpleasant odours cannot spread to other rooms. The active berbel wall box made of high-quality stainless steel is the best end piece available for any exhaust duct. The box will open only when the extraction system is at work. After cooking is done, it will close just as independently. It is both heat and soundproof. This means that no cold draughts will enter your kitchen.

When it is closed, the berbel wall box has an excellent insulation value that corresponds to triple insulation glazing or a 24 cm thick brick wall. The berbel wall box with Blower door certificate is also suitable for low-energy buildings. Another advantage that will put an end to tedious planning debates.