The future is in less is more

berbel Formline headroom hood exemplifies sustainability through quality.
The future is in less is more

In times of large ecological problems, sustainability is one of the urgent topics of the time. Across the board, every industry is faced with the challenge of developing quality products that go hand in hand with the preservation of resources. The focus of the manufacturing processes is ideally on environmentally friendly, sensible materials and processing. Durable materials in combination with a specific design lead to objects with a unique character.

More than a promise – an attitude
The headroom hood Formline embodies the berbel philosophy, which is characterised by strong material aesthetics and accurate workmanship – its attributes are well thought-out, distinctive and timeless. berbel extractor hoods are Made in Germany, where they are developed and produced. berbel exclusively uses high-quality raw materials such as anti-magnetic stainless steel, shatterproof glass, EC fan motors, and control components made by quality German manufacturers. The extractor hoods meet the highest safety standards for private kitchens. The berbel design competence is regularly confirmed by renowned design awards. 

The art of engineering and the strength of stainless steel
Pure stainless steel in industrial design – simple operation and high performance: the headroom hood Formline is a masterpiece. It meets all important requirements to which a berbel extractor is subjected. Its resilient, fully welded stainless steel body impresses with its consistent, reduced lines and demonstrates what endures: uncompromising quality and unique design. Products that create value are future-oriented because they survive trends. With the patented berbel principle, the company has made a name for itself in the kitchen industry. Grease separation with centrifugal force, without grease filters, is highly efficient and sustainable. The consistently high performance of a berbel extractor hood is as reliable after years of service as it was on the first day. And there is yet more to the successful Formline: the discreet sensor-touch control panel responds to the most lightest of touches and thus enables fast and convenient control of the functions. Easy switching between recirculation and exhaust air operation is possible depending on the cooking or weather situation using the EcoSwitch function. The colour temperature and the dimmer of the LED hob lighting can also be adjusted via the control panel. The damped opening mechanism responds to gentle touch and simplifies daily handling. The collection tray is completely removable and can be easily cleaned, just like the stainless steel interior.

The headroom hood is also equipped with the patented BackFlow technology. By means of secondary ventilation, a part of the air volume is directed to the intake opening of the extractor hood. The result: particularly efficient capture of rising cooking and frying vapours and extremely effective air cleaning.

The classic stainless steel version is available in five widths (60, 70, 80, 90 and 120 cm) and thus offers planning options even for small flats, single households or appartments. In addition to the stainless steel design, the 90 version is also available in elegant matt black, from body to shaft.