Quality at the highest level

The Downline BKF 83 DL has been renamed Downline Performance.
Quality at the highest level

Innovative ventilation concept – greater energy efficiency
The berbel hob extraction system Downline Performance and the entry-level model Downline Compact are equipped with a central extractor that is directly integrated into an induction hob. With the Downline family and the patented berbel principle, berbel ensures top vapour capture and air cleaning performed by a very compact unit. The previous dual fan system has been replaced with a new ventilation concept featuring a single powerful fan combined with an aerodynamically optimised separator unit. These new characteristics provide for lastingly strong fat separation paired with low energy consumption. 

The improved and more energy-efficient versions of the Downline Performance and Downline Compact have been upgraded to energy efficiency class A+.The trough fans Downline Compact and Downline Performance are effective companions for removing cooking and frying vapours.

Comfortable cleaning
The new separator unit has two parts. It contributes to lastingly effective fat separation and its advantages are most obvious when it comes to cleaning it. The inflow grid can be taken off to allow for the top part of the separator unit to be wiped out with a damp cloth. The whole separator unit can be conveniently removed and the individual elements are easy to clean. If taken apart, the two components of the separator unit can also be comfortably placed in the dishwasher for cleaning.

Our formula for top air quality
The self-regenerating and maintenance-free berbel permalyt® filter (BUR) is now also used in the new versions of the hob extraction systems of the Downline family. There are three different installation options: Standard installation with the permalyt® filter standing upright. Installation with the permalyt® filter standing upright and outlet grids at the front, as well as installation with the permalyt® filter standing upright and outlet grids at the side, both versions with recirculated air.

The filter system transforms bothersome kitchen odours into pure air – reliably, lastingly and without requiring maintenance. The filter mats of the berbel permalyt® filters are made of a special type of active carbon. During normal operation, air flows through the filter mats, which capture the odorous substances. Up to 97 percent of odours are eliminated. In regenerating phase, after a certain duration of use, the regeneration process is triggered in the closed filter (30 minutes of uninterrupted cooking or 60 minutes in total). Odours are neutralised with the aid of a catalyst through a thermal catalysis process.