Elegantly curved

berbel's Glassline headroom hood

Elegantly curved

The Glassline headroom hood is a design highlight: the front glass is slightly curved. The exhaust air slot is housed discreetly in a stainless steel panel. The soft shapes are entirely in line with the spirit of the times. At the same time, the curved glass screen supports the optimum collection of vapours. 

The integrated "seamless" control panel emphasises the aesthetics of the new hood by blending smoothly into the design and only becoming visible when touched. When the hood is not in use, only the on/off depression hints at the hidden electronics. A design that impresses with its elegance and is guaranteed to be a focal point in any kitchen.

The Glassline is also equipped with lots of technical sophistication. It works on the unique and patented principle of operation like all berbel extractor hoods. The fat is not filtered, but instead separated into a stainless steel collection tray using centrifugal forces. berbel extractor hoods are not only exceptionally effective with a fat separation rate of nearly 100%, but also simple and easy to clean! Open, wipe out - and it's clean. The Back-Flow technology developed by berbel (patent pending) ensures a condensation-free decorative surface. All cooking vapours are captured with a secondary ventilation circuit and the surface of the hood always remains clean.

The hood is whisper-quiet thanks to a modern EC fan motor that comes as standard with the Glassline. With only 45 dB(A) and a fan performance of 630 m3/h in the 90 cm variant and 750 m3/h in the 110 cm variant, the hood is not just extremely quiet, but also extremely powerful. This allows you to concentrate on what's really important: the cooking. The Glassline headroom hood offers another innovation for customers' demanding requirements. The light temperature of the LED hob illumination can be adjusted within a range of 2,700 and 6,500 kelvin. As a result, the hob illumination can be adjusted to the overall lighting in the kitchen.

The integrated rear wall effect lighting also creates visual highlights and bathes the area around the hood in atmospheric lighting. The Glassline headroom hood is available in black and white in widths of 90 cm and 110 cm. It can be operated in recirculation, extraction and hybrid mode, whereby the EcoSwitch function can be used to switch flexibly between extraction and recirculation mode.

We have achieved one of our main goals with the new Glassline: the perfect combination of design and function", states Managing Director Peter Ahlmer. An innovation that combines technological developments and design trends and meets customers' needs.