For headroom while cooking

berbel island hoods are ergonomic kitchen professionals.
For headroom while cooking

Cooking in a customised kitchen is the highlight of the day. Today‘s kitchens are places of encounter, more living than functional space. Here people eat, celebrate, work and learn. 
The design extractor hoods from berbel are just as unique as the kitchen and its special requirements. Objects developed from an ergonomic point of view, which offer due to their variety of colors and shapes solutions that catch the eye.

Ready for the (cooking) island
Like an inverted pitched roof, the berbel Ergoline island hood sits enthroned above the hob. Its corners and edges exude real personality that goes hand-in-hand with perfect functionality. This makes a bold statement for modern kitchens, creating enthusiasm for passionate cuisine and offering ideal headroom.

Quiet extractor hood, easy cleaning
Whether exhaust air or recirculation mode, the Ergoline island hood from berbel works professionally in every respect with the well thought-out EcoSwitch control. Positioned directly above the hob, this extractor hood ensures the best possible air purification. With its perfect width of 110 cm, the island hood captures fumes and vapours in seconds. The extra large recirculating air filter ensures air cleaning with a particularly good result in removing odours of 97 percent. 

The maximum performance when cleaning the kitchen air from fats, oils and cooking odours goes without saying with the berbel principle. The easy cleaning of the island hood offers cooking professionals the convenience they want after cooking. When it comes to optics, the island hoods from berbel impress with their high-quality stainless steel and modern design. Body and shaft decor can be selected in three variants. Whether classic, elegant or puristic - the berbel Ergoline turns every kitchen into a modern cooking studio. With atmospheric effect lighting on top.