Ergonomically well thought out

berbel headroom hoods are elegant and functional.
Ergonomically well thought out

Not just any kitchen. It is the place where people meet, eat and enjoy together, where people work and learn. The design extractors from berbel are just as unique as the kitchen and its individual requirements. Objects developed from an ergonomic point of view, which catch the eye with their individual colours and shapes. The berbel headroom hoods, with the significant beveled or curved decorative surfaces made of glass or painted steel, ensure headroom and visibility when preparing and cooking.

berbel Glassline - striking design in glass and stainless steel
The berbel headroom hood Glassline sets design accents and scores with performance and efficiency. Its indirect rear panel lighting also makes the Glassline a lighting object. The dimmable and adjustable colour temperature creates the desired ambience. The “seamless” control panel hidden behind the curved front glass, which is also used to control the light, only becomes visible when touched. The beveled decorative glass of the hood is ergonomically well thought out: it offers unhindered freedom of movement when cooking. The elegant look of this headroom hood fits into any kitchen design - whether harmoniously integrated or placed accentuating, the Glassline is always a statement in the room.

Innovative patented technology
The Glassline headroom hood is equipped with the patented BackFlow technology for maximum efficiency in the detection of cooking fumes and a condensate-free decorative glass surface. The powerful and energy-saving EC fan motor works particularly quietly. Every berbel extractor hood works with the patented berbel principle: With the power of the centrifuge, the air is cleaned permanently and reliably - without performance-reducing grease filters. The removable collecting tray made of stainless steel and a perfectly finished interior also ensure quick and easy cleaning. The Glassline headroom hood with the stainless steel body is available with a glass shade in white or black.

The Glassline headroom hood can be planned with berbel EcoSwitch. The control enables easy switching between exhaust air and recirculated air. Both operating modes have their advantages: In winter, energy-saving recirculation mode is recommended. The hybrid filter removes odours from the air and leads them back into the room. In this way, the warm room air stays inside and valuable energy is not wasted. The exhaust air operation is used in summer or as required. If something burns or if there is a lot of moisture, smells, smoke and moisture are led outside from the kitchen at the push of a button. For the best air purity in the kitchen.