Floating elegance and unexpected possibilities

berbel presents the second generation of Skyline and Skyline Edge ceiling lift hoods

Floating elegance and unexpected possibilities

Four years after the market launch of the multiple award-winning Skyline and Skyline Edge models, berbel launched a new generation of floating extractor hoods in 2015.

Featuring a revised design, innovative technical features and a wide range of varieties, the new generation has that certain something, a kind of wow effect. Just like the previous models, the new Skyline can be moved to the desired working height at the touch of a button, to ensure optimised vapour capture. The height adjustment mechanism has been extended to 1,200 mm and the hood stops automatically at the set distance to the hob and works to its full effect there thanks to the Teach function.

The dazzle-free LED hob illumination can be set to the desired lighting colour using a standard light temperature control and therefore offers the option of tailoring the hob illumination to the overall lighting in the kitchen. The optional ceiling panel with mood lighting enhanced with glass cladding also creates a harmonious and atmospheric ambience in the room.  In combination with the separately controllable effect lighting that fits into the Skyline Edge as a narrow strip in the hood, the new hood is also a lighting miracle for the kitchen at the same time.

The ceiling lift hood is now available in conjunction with the new berbel JetStream technology (patent pending) and the EcoSwitch function, which is new and unique from a technical point of view. EcoSwitch combines the advantages of the recirculation and extraction mode. Thanks to the revolutionary JetStream technology, the humidity and smoke generated from intensive frying are transported to the outside through the ceiling shaft with double the suction power and no need for annoying pipes. The floating elegance of the Skyline hood is retained.

The technical features of both the hood and the ceiling structure are perfectly tailored to each other to ensure an optimum flow speed that generates a compact column of air with the berbel JetStream technology. At the same time, the fan in the ceiling is strong enough to fully assimilate the air volume and transport it to the outside. Consequently, every Skyline hood can be adjusted to everyone's individual cooking habits.

If you are planning a major renovation or new construction, you can choose to have the Skyline Edge completely retracted into a built-in ceiling recess from now onwards. Only a really modern, level ceiling light remains visible. If the hood is put into operation and moved downwards, the shaft is partially closed by a glass plate so that the JetStream technology can function effectively. A semi built-in variant is also available if the ceiling height is not adequate. All functions with the new models can also be controlled with a smart phone in future. berbel has developed its own RemoteApp for this purpose that enables customers to operate the hood even more easily.

Whether it's a ceiling fixture with glass cladding and mood lighting, special colours, the retractability in the ceiling or the revolutionary JetStream technology (patent pending), the new Skyline and Skyline Edge cater for all requirements and provide countless options for perfect integration into the aesthetics of your kitchen.

In principle, the Skyline and Skyline Edge models were already perfect and have set new standards in kitchen extraction technology. Therefore it was important for us to maintain the typical character of the ceiling lift hoods with the second generation, but offer more variants and options. We succeeded in doing this. We are demonstrating once again with the new Skyline and Skyline Edge what "made in Germany engineering ingenuity" means and offering our customers an absolute highlight both technically and aesthetically.

The new berbel ceiling lift hoods will be available in widths of 95 cm and 115 cm from July 2015. The hood is a quiet powerhouse with a fan performance of 760 m³/h in the 95 cm width and 875 m³/h in the 115 cm width and with 47 and 51 dB(A) respectively. They are also extremely energy-saving through the standard use of EC fan motors.  They are of course equipped with the unique and patented berbel principle utilising centrifugal forces to separate fat instead of filtering it. For maximum fat separation and efficiency without compromises.