berbel induction-performance-panoramic hob

Intelligently and elegantly combinable with berbel extractor hoods
berbel induction-performance-panoramic hob

Maximum comfort and ideal functionality are in high demand in everyday living and kitchen life. To ensure that everything is just right when it comes to the kitchen, berbel engineers and product designers create intelligent accessories for cooking, hobs and extractor hoods. At the beginning of the year, the extractor specialist introduced a selfdeveloped panoramic hob with integrated hood control to its portfolio. The berbel BKF 90 iPP panoramic hob, together with a berbel wall, headroom or island hood, offers the perfect combination for outstanding comfort and functionality.

berbel kitchen convenience

The BKF 90 iPP has a size of 900 x 400 mm and is divided into four zones: the two zones on the left can be connected via the bridge function, while there are two circular zones on the right. The zones are arranged in a row, so there is no need to reach over the hob and this makes cooking very simple. There is plenty of room for the cookware. The protective coating from SCHOTT allows the cookware to glide more smoothly and reduces abrasion. The panoramic hob can be controlled via the intuitive sensor touch control with slider function. Installation is possible flush with the surface or on top of the worktop, depending on the requirements and installation situation.

Best functions for intuitive berbel operability

In addition to the option to control all basic hood functions, the panoramic hob has numerous practical features that make cooking and frying a pleasure. The four spacious cooking zones are controlled via a control panel with sensor buttons placed centrally at the front and offer the right size for every pot and pan shape. An additional sensor button, which communicates with the linked extractor hood, controls the fan on the elegant white control panel of the BKF 90 iPP. The hood can be switched on and off directly on the hob. All cooking and fan settings can also be controlled from here. You can choose between the three modes (called AutoRun+ at berbel) manual, semi-automatic or fully automated. With the semi-automatic function, the fan will automatically start on level 3 and a pleasant working light is switched on, when the hob is turned on. The other way round: when the hob is turned off, the fan will go into afterrun mode and then turn off automatically. The light remains switched on. With the fully automated function, the fan setting is automatically adjusted to match the cooking zone that is on the highest setting. Numerous cooking functions are available via the menu buttons, making the preparation of various dishes much easier.