Let there be light

berbel extractors are also illuminated objects.
Let there be light

Kitchen technology primarily has to meet factual requirements. High-quality and energy-saving devices with efficient performance data are part of good kitchen planning today. But the lighting concept of a kitchen also plays an important role. The light for illuminating the work zone must be practical and functional. At the same time, depending on the need and time of day, it should also create a pleasant atmosphere.The right, flexibly adjustable light helps to ensure that the kitchen changes from a preparation and cooking area to a cozy living room.

Light let kitchens shine
berbel has always stood not only for sophisticated ventilation technology, but also for the highest level of design expertise. Creating harmonious moods, setting accents and staging in a playful way - all made possible with light. In particular, the ceiling lift hoods of the berbel Skyline series are not only powerful and quietly working extractor hoods, but also unique lighting objects.
The cubic Skyline series lives up to its name. The colour temperature and dimming function of the hood lighting can be controlled via the remote control. The significant hood bodies made of glass, stainless steel or individual fronts are supplemented by freely selectable ceiling connections. Ceiling connection panels made of stainless steel or in black, white and metallic silver with glass cladding and integrated ceiling effect lighting create lighting experiences. The LED hob and effect lighting can be adjusted by the colour temperature and continuously regulated. The all-round RGB effect lighting with changing colour palette creates an atmospheric ambience. With the Skyline Edge, it is also the elegant light gap that makes it a decorative lighting object.

Moods and effects
With the Skyline Frame, berbel has created a design object with industrial charm. The individually adjustable effect lighting is hidden behind the four fronts made of anthracite-gray smoked glass. It changes in the colours from rich honey yellow to gold-copper tones, which gives an atmospheric light image in darker kitchens with wood accents. The colder colour setting makes the light appear bluish-cool. This gives a nice effect in lighter or white kitchens. The multiple colour variations make the Skyline Edition a light object that always sets new accents. The matt black frame of the ceiling lift hood shapes the urban, industrial style and at the same time marks the stage for the play of light.

Modern technology cleans the air
As with all berbel extractor hoods, not only the design and the extras convince, but also the first-class technology. The berbel principle ensures efficient fat separation, the powerful EC fan motor works quietly and the lift function offers headroom. This contributes to the well-being in the premises and ensures perfect air in every kitchen.