Lifestyle products with added value for the kitchen

berbel ceiling lift hood Skyline.
Lifestyle products with added value for the kitchen

Kitchen fronts in every look, wood, stone and metal elements, worktops with integrated accents and technical devices with cuisine refinements. From cozy-elegant to avant-garde extravagant. Modern kitchens are multifunctional areas and as individual as their owners.

The design of high quality kitchen appliances is common courtesy. But technological innovations that simplify everyday life are also in greater demand than ever. Trouble-free handling when cooking is also supported, for example, by secondary ventilation on the entry surface of the extractor. With berbel this is called „BackFlow“. A patented technique in which a part of the air volume is directed to the suction opening of the extractor hood. This increases the efficiency of removing cooking and frying vapours and prevents condensation.

The prime example of technical and emotional added value is the ceiling lift hood Skyline Frame. Behind its industrial charm, characterised by the matt black frame and the matching black ceiling console, hides a technical masterpiece. A highlight of the Skyline Frame is the individually adjustable effect lighting. It can be adjusted from almost white, bluish-cool to warm copper by remote control and ensures the perfect ambience depending on the desired scenario. The convenient lift function offers headroom and an individually adjustable distance to the hob for each user. 

Premium products with a plus
„Air purification that makes the use of performance-reducing fat filters superfluous and light objects that float down from the ceiling, these are real functional miracles and real lifestyle products“, explains Karl von Bodelschwingh and adds: „We offer customers the icing on the cake for the kitchen equipment and added value for the premium class.“ A topic that is particularly close to the heart of the CEO of berbel. That means not only having a solution ready for every requirement, but also delivering the best quality. The “emotion” factor plays an essential role in berbel products. The berbel “Skyline Series” masters the range of unimagined possibilities - whether lift function, light object, 
shelf design or an integrated sound system as an overture for successful evenings – the berbel technology and special effects turn a purely functional extractor into a lifestyle object. Air purification included.

This is a berbel
berbel is an innovation leader in the area of extractor hoods and a specialist in kitchen ventilation for private households. berbel products are developed and assembled in Rheine in Westphalia. The product range has the right device for every customer. Wall-mounted or island hoods, headroom or built-in hoods, but also downdrafts are part of the portfolio. And when an extractor leaves the factory in Rheine, Westphalia, the owner can expect a unique product - Made in Germany. A berbel extractor hood is made exclusively from the best components. Modern EC- fan motors from a leading German manufacturer, shatterproof glass, rustproof and non-magnetic stainless steel, long-life LEDs and capacitive control panels that react reliably to touch even with wet fingers, make the difference.