Perfect air for the kitchen

berbel extractor systems for well-being and security.
Perfect air for the kitchen

The kitchen is more than ever the central focus in the house. The place where family and friends come together to cook and to end the day. Today, the kitchen is becoming a multifunctional living space, a work-place in the home office and a classroom for home schooling. The longer we stay at home, the more we learn the meaning of a pleasant living atmosphere. And what has been underestimated so far is now becoming clear: Clean air contributes significantly to our well-being.

Masterpieces of ventilation technology
Extractor hoods from berbel are true masters when it comes to capturing all rising cooking vapours. They work particularly efficient and pleasantly quiet. Just as reliable after years of service as it was on the first day. Because berbel extractor hoods use the power of the centrifuge without the use of performance-reducing grease filter technology. The cooking vapours and odours are drawn into the inside of the extractor with a high level of efficiency and diverted through two bends. The resulting centrifugal forces cause greases and oils, as well as moisture to bounce off the edges of the perfectly designed extractor and are almost completely separated. The air and odours move out of the building in extraction mode. When using recirculation mode directly into the berbel filter system. Inside the filter special activated carbon pellets eliminate odours up to 97 percent.

Two systems for clean air
Turbulent times encourage private retreat. This strengthens the desire to make your own living space best possible. berbel systems open up self-determined and solution-oriented decisions for the kitchen with individual requirements. What do the extractor hood systems offer? It is not a matter of principle deciding whether to us an exhaust air or recirculation system. Whichever system you choose, berbel offers technically convincing solutions for every kitchen situation. In order to minimise the pollution of the room air from cooking, the correct planning in advance and the question of the individual and best constructional solution play an important role. The kitchen builder offers decision support and will recommend the right system and the right extractor hood in the planning phase.

The best of two systems with berbel EcoSwitch
The EcoSwitch system from berbel offers special freedom. With an EcoSwitch operated extractor hood you can switch between recirculated air or exhaust air operation as required. Depending on the weather situation, cooking habits or local conditions. With berbel, maximum comfort meets the most ecologically sensible solution. berbel extractor hoods ensure the best air purity wherever you cook. Always suitable for every living situation.