Power pack with a new silhouette

berbel headroom Formline - now available in refined matt black.
Power pack with a new silhouette

Modern industrial look, simple operation, high performance: the headroom hood Formline meets all important requirements to which a berbel extractor is subjected. Its resilient, fully welded stainless steel body has a pleasing appearance with refined proportions. The industrial charm has been retained, combined with a new, light elegance. Alongside the stainless steel model, the 90-version will also be available in refined matt black; both body and duct.

Strong performance

The significant design and optimised fat separation are not the only further developments of the successful Formline. The subtle, redesigned touch sensor panel responds to the slightest touch, allowing quick and easy control of functions. Depending on the cooking or weather situation, the EcoSwitch function makes it easy to switch between recirculation and exhaust air operation.

Applicable in every kitchen

The color temperature (2,700 - 6,500 Kelvin) and the dimmer of the LED hob lighting can also be adjusted via the control panel. The new, damped opening mechanism responds to gentle touch and simplifies daily handling. The drip tray is completely removable and, like the stainless steel interior, it can be easily cleaned. The berbel BackFlow technology, which ensures the highest level of vapor detection and thus does not leave any room for cooking and frying in the kitchen, has been newly integrated into the Formline. The classic version in stainless steel is available in five widths (60, 70, 80, 90 and 120 cm).