berbel Black Edition

Trend colour matt black
berbel Black Edition

Matt black is taking over the world of kitchens. The trendy colour is extremely popular among planners and interior designers. It is ideal for timeless eye-catchers, stands for a clear design language, and is a great match for any kitchen style. berbel is famous for picking up on trends and translating them into product design early on. With the new Black Edition, the Rheine-based company once again succeeded to do just that. Matt black versions of berbel’s extraction systems are introduced, and they are beautiful design features that look fantastic in any kitchen atmosphere.

Matt black is the new black for contemporary kitchens - berbel headroom hood Formline

Modern elegance and industrial flair are combined in the extraction systems of the berbel Black Edition. The design line was launched at the beginning of the year with the Formline headroom hood. Just like the stainless steel versions, the matt black 90 cm Formline is characterised by its clear lines and powerful technology. It is one of berbel’s classics and it represents the manufacturer’s key attributes: top quality, outstanding design, as well as high degree of user-friendliness and functionality. Equipped with the patented berbel principle, the extraction systems ensure lasting efficiency when it comes to removing fats and cooking odours, and they do not rely on any performance-reducing filters.

berbel headroom hood Ergoline 2

The Ergoline 2 is a berbel best-seller. The matt black version is a perfect addition to the new design line. It is available in a width of 90 cm. The identically coloured body and flue turn the Ergoline 2 into a real statement piece. The black frosted glass panels perfectly complement the extractor hood’s powder-coated stainless steel surfaces. The Ergoline 2 has made a name for itself as a remarkable designer headroom hood. It is a fully equipped extractor hood that features berbel’s tried and tested technology and provides for maximum efficiency at minimum noise levels. berbel‘s BackFlow technology prevents the accumulation of condensate on the decorative glass panel.
Did you know: The optimised opening mechanism of the Ergoline 2 makes cleaning even easier. Dampened, free running hinges enable the flap to open virtually independently. It is so easy to handle: open, wipe out, and you are done. Cleaning has never been simpler! Another great feature is the hood’s LED lighting. It is dimmable via the operating panel and the light colour can be adjusted from cool through to warm, to match any mood or environment.

berbel ceiling lift hood Skyline Edge Individual

The Skyline Edge Individual can be adapted to any design idea. The material and colour of the front panels of the ceiling lift hood are customisable. They can be individually selected to match the kitchen fronts or the furnishing style. berbel’s dedicated configuration tool and a special mounting system allow for precise and simple planning and realisation for kitchen planners. In line with the Black Edition, the extractor hood can be fitted with matt black front panels made of frosted glass. The hood is a floating light object and can be moved up and down via a remote control or app, so it is always exactly where it is needed to provide for clean air in the kitchen. Up to 97 percent of kitchen odours are removed thanks to large recirculation filters with active carbon. The berbel Skyline Edge Individual is available for creating unique hoods with a width of 95 or 115 cm.