The patent for the best air comes from Rheine

berbel technologies for sustainable living comfort
The patent for the best air comes from Rheine

Owning your own home, combined with the desire for personal space, continues to be a strong trend. More than ever, the kitchen has become the central focus of the home.

berbel extractor systems make a significant contribution to wellbeing and safety in the living space. However, deciding which system is the most suitable – recirculation or exhaust air – is not a matter of principle. berbel offers technically convincing ventilation systems as well as regenerative solutions for every kitchen situation.
In order to minimise the impact of cooking on room air, the right planning in advance and the question of the individual and best structural result play an essential role. Decision support is provided by the kitchen builder, who will recommend the right system and the appropriate extractor fan during the planning phase.

Extractor units from berbel are true masters when it comes to capturing all rising cooking vapours. They work particularly efficient and pleasantly quiet. Just as reliable after years of service as it was on the first day. Because berbel extractor hoods use the power of the centrifuge without the use of performance-reducing grease filter technology. The cooking vapours and odours are drawn into the inside of the extractor with a high level of efficiency and diverted through two bends. The resulting centrifugal forces cause greases and oils, as well as moisture to bounce off the edges of the perfectly designed extractor and are almost completely separated.The air and odours move out of the building in extraction mode. When using recirculation mode directly into the berbel filter system. Inside the filter special activated carbon eliminate odours up to 97 percent.

berbel Downline series with regenerative permalyt® filter systemThe hob extractors fans of the Downline series also offer the best air purification in the smallest space. These hob extractor fans ensure consistently strong fat separation while consuming less energy. Cooking odours are almost completely eliminated.This is ensured by the self-regenerating and maintenance-free berbel permalyt® recirculation filter. The filter system reliably and permanently transforms unpleasant odours in the kitchen into clean air, without the need for maintenance.The filter mats of the berbel permalyt® recirculation filters consist of a special activated carbon, which enables two modes of operation: during normal operation, air flows through the filter mats and captures the odorous substances. After a certain duration of use the regeneration process starts in the closed filter system. Odours are neutralised with the aid of a catalyst through a thermal catalysis process.  The regenerative permalyt® recirculation filter has already been used for Downline hob extractor fans since January 2021 and has also been available for the new Downline Infinity product this autumn.