The success story of the Skyline Edge continues

Two new varieties of the Skyline Edge were presented at Living Kitchen 2017

The success story of the Skyline Edge continues

Outstanding technology perfectly combined – the Skyline Edge Sound
The name berbel stands for top quality extractor hoods. The German manufacturer T+A is dedicated to high-end audio technology. Both companies have joined forces to create an unparalleled product: the berbel Skyline Edge Sound. The hood’s position in the centre of the room allows for the integrated speakers of the Skyline Edge Sound that are invisible on the outside, to radiate sound in every direction. This means that the hood with the attractive light slot can impress with a rich sound - before, during or after cooking. For all those who consider their kitchen a living space. The integrated sound system can be easily operated using a WiFi connection and the T+A control app, which is available for iOS and Android devices. The Skyline Edge Sound is available in 135 cm width from March 2017.

A matching design statement for any kitchen – the Skyline Edge Individual
Style means to give one’s home a distinctive character. Available from March 2017, the Skyline Edge Individual offers the opportunity to select the materials and colours for the hood’s front panels to taste: wood, glass, ceramics or stainless steel, and many design options available from the area of worktop materials – to match the design of existing kitchen front panels or the desired furnishing style.
A designated configurator is available on the website to ensure precise planning of the Skyline Edge Individual. Depending on the chosen material, the configurator provides details of the required dimensions, material thickness and installation advice.
berbel will deliver the hood body without panels to the kitchen retailer for finishing, including a specially developed flexibly adjustable mounting system for easy installation of the panels.

berbel relies on network technology: smart modules for all Skyline models
Connecting a hob and a berbel extraction system using the AutoRun module
It seems almost like magic, when the berbel extractor hood is automatically turned on, when the hob is switched on. The fan starts automatically on level 3 while hob lighting floods the cooking area in a pleasant working light. The berbel AutoRun module is connected between the high-voltage power connection and the hob. It recognises when the hob is turned on and starts the extractor hood via a Bluetooth link. During the cooking process, all functions of the hood can be controlled as usual, using the control panel. When the hob is turned off, the hood goes into afterrun mode before turning off. The AutoRun module is available for the models SK/SKE/SKE-L/SKE-S/SKE-I from May 2017. It is compatible with all electricity-powered hobs regardless of the manufacturer.

Integration into state-of-the-art home automation using the berbel KNX-RF module
The KNX-RF module that is available as a berbel accessory, allows for berbel Skyline models to be integrated into modern home automation systems. The world-renowned KNX standard allows for devices to be connected and operated using a standardised BUS system. KNX offers a high degree of security to customers, thanks to the universal standard. The following functions of the Skyline models can be controlled using KNX-RF technology: Controlling fan settings (1/2/3/P), effect lighting (on/off), hob lighting (on/off), motor (up/down) or EcoSwitch (recirculation/exhaust mode)
The easiest way to integrate the module into a KNX system is to control the functions using a KNX remote switch. If, for example, ComingHome functions are programmed when setting up the KNX system, lighting of the Skyline model can be centrally turned on. This is especially useful, if the hood is intended as a light source and should be centrally controlled. The universal standards allow for countless options for combining functions with further sensors, such as a KNX LUX, CO2 or mixed gas sensor. The berbel KNX-RF module must be integrated in the hood at the factory when ordered, and it is available from March 2017.