Condensate-prevention with BackFlow technology

As a ventilation specialist, berbel offers award-winning design, excellent quality and the best technologies. One of these technologies stands for maximum efficiency in capturing cooking vapours and ensures condensate-free decorative glass surfaces using controlled air flow:
the patented BackFlow technology.

How does it work?

How does it work?

The berbel BackFlow technology guides cooking vapours with air. 
A secondary air flow is ejected from discrete, circulating ventilation slots. With the help of the generated cross-flow, the cooking and frying vapours are actively directed to the intake and into the centrifugal separator. This support ensures the most efficient cooking vapour capture.
All this results in optimised capture of rising cooking and frying vapours, condensate-free decorative glass surfaces and effective air purification in headroom hoods, wall-mounted hoods, island hoods and built-in hoods.

Read on to find out how berbel's BackFlow technology works with the various types of extractor fans:

Headroom hoods
In the case of slanting extraction hoods, the conjunction of hot water vapour and cold decorative surface can result in unappealing condensation or even drop formation. berbel's BackFlow technology prevents this by means of bottom-to-top aeration of the decorative panel. At the back of the headroom hood, a part of the air is conveyed back and across the glass front. This secondary ventilation circuit keeps the decorative surface free from condensation for a longer time.

Wall-mounted hoods
A slight air current is emitted from the sides and the front of the hood. The rising cooking vapours are therefore guided to the central extraction area. This guarantees perfect capture of cooking and frying vapours.

Island hoods
BackFlow technology has proven to be very effective in island hoods. Due to their free-standing positioning, they are exposed to cooking and frying vapours on all sides. A slight air current is emitted from the sides to guide rising cooking vapours to the central extraction area. Cooking and frying steam is therefore captured very effectively, even around the edges.

Built-in hoods
BackFlow technology provides for very reliable vapour capturing support in built-in hoods. From the back of the hood, part of the air is conveyed back to the extraction area at the front. Top air cleaning efficiency even in the smallest of spaces.