berbel The company

berbel Ablufttechnik GmbH is a globally active company based in Rheine, Westphalia, in Germany. Since December 2012, berbel is a 100 % subsidiary of the Swiss WESCO Group, the ventilation technology specialist. Concentrated know-how results in valuable synergy effects in research and development. The outcome is future-oriented ventilation concepts for the kitchen and living space that impress customers around the world.


  • 2001:  Foundation of the company
  • 2002:  Centrifugal separation patent application
  • 2003:  Market launch with first deliveries
  • 2004:  Relocation from Hopsten to Rheine
  • 2009:  Peter Ahlmer takes on the management of the company
  • 2011:  berbel receives the coveted red dot design award for three products at the same time
  • 2012:  Swiss WESCO AG acquires 100% of berbel
  • 2013:  berbel receives the red dot design award for two products; the production area is doubled in size
  • 2014:  berbel receives the "Oscar for Medium-Sized Businesses" from the Oscar Patzelt Foundation
  • 2015:  Two berbel products are awarded the red dot product design award
  • 2016:  Construction of a new logistics centre


  • "Made-in-Germany" quality
  • 2-year guarantee
  • Quiet and lastingly effective elimination of cooking vapours
  • Easy and quick cleaning
  • 97 % trapping of odours
  • Certified fire safety
  • Sustainable environmental protection
  • Top kitchen hygiene
  • Up to 50 % energy saving

berbel provides the best to satisfied customers!

berbel in FIGURES

  • 2 bend diversions for the cooking vapours after being sucked into the berbel hood. The resulting centrifugal force separates the fat particles from the air effectively and quietly. This is the unparalleled berbel principle.
  • 2-year guarantee on all berbel products. Inclusive and free-of-charge. This means that you can rest assured that you've made a good decision.
  • 12 renowned prizes and awards gained by berbel for design and product performance since 2010!
  • 19 models in many different widths and colour combinations can be found in the berbel program. Ideal for the most diverse wishes and requirements. And each year, new models are added.
  • 79 % electricity saving through using the new berbel EC fan motors in comparison with traditional motors. And they're even lighter, even quieter, and even more efficient, too.
  • 97 % odour trapping thanks to the superior berbel principle.
  • 120 employees work with passion at berbel, motivated by their belief in extractor hoods that use revolutionary technology.
  • 350 operating hours (2-3 years) of top efficiency when trapping odours from cooking vapours offered by berbel active carbon filters. You only need to replace the active carbon granulate after this time.
  • 519 individual components on average are built into a berbel hood. This is just the right number to ensure perfect technology and top design aesthetics.