berbel Island hoods

berbel island hoods work absolutely quietly and professionally both in recirculation mode and in exhaust air mode. The extractor hoods really sympathetically unite an attractive design, innovative exhaust air and recirculation technology, and top energy efficiency. The berbel island hoods are strong and lastingly efficient kitchen partners for the elimination of oils and fats in order to ensure really pure air in your kitchen living space.

Island hood Ergoline

Headroom above your island

Island hood Glassline

Slim and powerful

Island hood Blockline

Air cleaning en bloc

Island hood Smartline

Slim and powerful

Ready for your kitchen island
Whether in exhaust air or recirculation mode, berbel's island hoods are professional in every respect thanks to their sophisticated EcoSwitch control. Positioned directly over the hob, the extractor hoods ensure optimum air cleaning. With their perfect width, the island hoods capture the vapours and steam in just seconds. The extra large recirculation filters ensure air cleaning with a particularly high odour elimination rate of 97%.

Low-noise extraction system, easy to clean
A top performance in removing fats, oils, and kitchen odours from kitchen air can be taken for granted with the berbel principle. The easy cleaning of the island extractor hoods offers professional cooks the convenience they need once they've finished cooking. When it comes to optics, berbel's island solutions impress the onlooker with high-quality stainless steel and a modern design. Whether classic, elegant, or puristic - berbel island hoods make every kitchen into a modern cooking studio. With the added benefit of atmospheric effect lighting.