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A fully equipped island dream, and the first time that the proven berbel BackFlow technology for optimised vapour capture has been used in an island hood. The newly developed separation unit comprises centrifugal separation and a capillary trap. For lasting effective grease separation without performance-reducing fat filters.

<strong>Linear</strong> design

Linear design

Available widths:
100 cm

Further design information
Island hood Glassline Island hood Glassline

A fully equipped island dream

Top vapour capturing efficiency thanks to BackFlow technology. The berbel island hood Glassline leaves nothing to be desired. The newly developed durable and powerful separator unit is used in an island hood for the first time. The black operating panel is integrated seamlessly in the island hood’s elegant design.

More details on the features


Available widths in cm 100
Acoustic pressure stage 3 (dB(A) re 20 µPA)56
Sound level stage 3 (dB(A) re 1 pW)69
Performance stages3 + power stage (P)
Free-blowing fan performance, m3/h875
Fan power consumption, W170
LED, W21.1
LED hob illumination, LUX621
LED colour temperature, K2,700 - 6,500
Pipe connection, Ø in mm150
Net weight, kg34
Afterrun function for recirculation modeAutomatic (configurable)
Recirculation filter saturation indicatorRecirculation filter saturation indicator
min. distance from hob60 cm (electrical) / 65 cm (gas)
Rec. distance from hob70 cm
Planning Guide
    • Particularly easy installation by a single person
    • Minimum shaft height for recirculation filter: 700 mm respectively
    • Minimum shaft height for permalyt: 850 mm
    • Shaft extensions available for shaft heights > 950 mm
    • The shaft trim is in one piece. Please order the appropriate length.
    • Always order the shaft trim without ventilation slots if ordering an exhaust air version. For hybrid use, always order the recirculation version (with ventilation slots).
    • Not suitable for use with an external motor
Gebrauchs- und Montageanleitung Island hood Glassline BIH 100 GL

Gebrauchs- und Montageanleitung Island hood Glassline BIH 100 GL
pdf – 13.79 MB

Energy-label berbel BIH 100 GL

Energy-label berbel BIH 100 GL
pdf – 0.08 MB

berbel BIH 100 GL

berbel BIH 100 GL
tif – 7.37 MB

berbel island hood Glassline BIH 100 GL

berbel island hood Glassline BIH 100 GL
tif – 28.44 MB