berbel EcoSwitch accessories

The berbel extractor hoods with EcoSwitch function ensure top flexibility above your cooking surface. The EcoSwitch function is based on high-end hybrid technology. You can manually switch between recirculation and exhaust air mode by touching the sensor-touch control panel. In this way, the advantages of both operating modes can be combined.
You can't get more convenient than that!

wall box

A great energy saver

hybrid filter

More power and flexibility

Refill packs

Easily replaceable

Exhaust sets

Strong components

When things heat up in the kitchen - in summer or when frying intensively, for example - berbel recommends that you activate the exhaust air function. In winter, the energy-saving recirculation mode comes into its own. The warm air then remains inside - for top temperature conditions. The berbel wall box seals the exhaust duct with an excellent insulation value of 0.95 W/m²K. The combination of both technologies works with the berbel EcoSwitch control and the berbel ECO accessories set. The set consists of flow-optimised pipe bends, the motor-driven wall box, and the berbel hybrid filter with active carbon.