All berbel extractor hoods are developed and produced in Germany. berbel exclusively uses high-quality raw materials such as anti-magnetic stainless steel, shatterproof glass, EC fan motors, and control components made by quality German manufacturers. At berbel, we are ideally prepared for handling really high quality requirements. The extractor hoods meet the highest safety standards for private kitchens. No fat filters, no risk of fire! With berbel, you can always keep your cool.


berbel combines effective air cleaning in accordance with the patented berbel principle with high-quality materials. And so that everything's just right in the kitchen space, berbel extractor hoods have top attributes:

  • Made-in-Germany quality
  • High-quality design
  • Easy to clean
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Energy-efficient fan motors

berbel - you can't get better!

<text-small>berbel</text-small> <strong>A GREAT GUARANTEE</strong>


berbel confidently offers a 2-year guarantee on all products. We're confident about our environmental impact, too: The smooth-running EC fan motors are really quiet (up to 3 dB(A) quieter) and save up to 62% energy. Because less is more. berbel extractor hoods banish cooking vapours from the kitchen quickly and effectively. Innovative technology is a recipe for success for clean air. With the berbel principle, berbel has developed an innovative ventilation technology without fat filters that makes use of the physical principle of the centrifuge. Lasting fat separation with patented technology. In combination with excellent design and intelligent technical solutions for kitchen vapour extraction systems, this makes cooking into pure enjoyment. Every day - thanks to berbel.

<text-small>berbel's</text-small> <strong>AWARDS</strong>

berbel's AWARDS

berbel Ablufttechnik GmbH has received numerous awards for the best extractor hoods. The combination of excellent technology and unique design repeatedly impresses the expert juries of renowned award panels. As a result, numerous berbel extractor hoods have received coveted awards. For example, berbel has received the red dot award for the Skyline, Ergoline, Formline and Glassline extractor hoods. The Ergoline 2 headroom hood of the berbel Black Edition received the PLUS X AWARD 2020 for high quality, design and ease of use. The Black Edition design line was also honoured with the Red Dot Product Design Award for its concise, strong design. Our Downline Performance was awarded the ICONIC AWARDS 2021: Innovative Interior - simply excellent!

Recognition at its best!


Extractor hood manufacturer berbel sets standards when it comes to social commitment, too. For many years, berbel has fostered a close partnership with institutions for people with disabilities. For example, the recirculation filter BUF150+ is produced by employees of the Freckenhorster Werkstätten workshop for people with disabilities. This is because every single person - disabled or able-bodied - has their individual strengths and weaknesses. This means that as well as being extremely good, berbel recirculation filters have a special worth.