Completely classic power

With the Blockline island hood, berbel delivers the best proof that classic shapes can elegantly emphasise individual kitchen style. Thanks to intelligent air guidance and the lasting efficiency of the berbel principle, the Blockline extractor hood ensures perfect vapour capture. It is user-friendly and also creates, classically in stainless steel, visual highlights above the kitchen island.

A perfect <strong>classic</strong>

A perfect classic

Available widths:
90 | 120 cm

Further design information
Island hood Blockline

Air cleaning en bloc

Perfect vapour capture thanks to the intelligent routing of air in conjunction with the berbel principle make the Blockline island hood into a tried-and-tested, quiet partner for long evenings of cooking.

More details on the features


Available widths in cm 90 | 120
Acoustic pressure stage 3 (dB(A) re 20 µPA) 53
Sound level stage 3 (dB(A) re 1 pW) 63
Performance stages 3 + power stage (P)
Free-blowing fan performance, m3/h 875
Fan power consumption, W 170
LED, W 10 | 17.2
LED hob illumination, LUX 348 | 413
LED colour temperature, K 3,500
Pipe connection, Ø in mm 150
Net weight, kg 56 | 59
Afterrun function for recirculation mode ✓ automatic (configurable)
Recirculation filter saturation indicator
Rec. distance from hob 65 cm (gas hob > 65 cm)
Planning Guide
    • Particularly easy installation by a single person
    • Minimum shaft height for recirculation filter: 600 mm respectively
    • Minimum shaft height for EcoSwitch hybrid technology: 800 mm respectively
    • Minimum shaft height for permalyt filter: 750 mm respectively 
    • Minimum shaft height for hybrid/recirculation filter combination: 850 mm respectively
    • Shorter shaft lengths of 500 and 550 mm available on request
    • Chimney extensions possible for shaft lengths over 950 mm
    • If a hybrid filter is used, with a fixed-installation pipe in the ceiling, berbel recommends at least a 100 mm round telescopic pipe between the hybrid filter and exhaust pipe to make the filter more accessible.
    • The shaft trim is in one piece. Please order the appropriate length.
    • Always order the shaft trim WITHOUT a ventilation slot if ordering an exhaust air version. For a hybrid hood (EcoSwitch), always order the recirculation version (WITH ventilation slot).
Blockline BIH BL

Blockline BIH BL
pdf – 16.15 MB

Product data sheet berbel BIH 90/120 BL

Product data sheet berbel BIH 90/120 BL
pdf – 0.06 MB

Energy-label berbel BIH 90 BL

Energy-label berbel BIH 90 BL
pdf – 0.09 MB

Energy-label berbel BIH 120 BL

Energy-label berbel BIH 120 BL
pdf – 0.11 MB

Planning information berbel BIH BL CL ST

Planning information berbel BIH BL CL ST
pdf – 0.97 MB

berbel BIH 90 BL

berbel BIH 90 BL
tif – 37.31 MB