berbel Accessories

At berbel, lovers of good taste will find everything that the heart of their kitchen desires. When it comes to lasting and reliable fat separation, extractor hood manufacturer berbel has high-quality accessories for every flue. For the extractor hoods, berbel offers a wide range of components for efficient air cleaning. Regardless of the operating mode of the extractor hood, berbel is always a good choice!

Exhaust accessories

Intelligent routing of exhaust air

Recirculation accessories

Unique odour binding

EcoSwitch accessories

Top flexibility


Networked technology

Other accessories

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Effective vapour extraction in every way
Extractor hood specialist berbel has perfectly tailored its range of accessories to each specific flue, whether you use a headroom hood, island hood, or wall-mounted hood. Whether your extractor hood works in recirculation or exhaust air mode, you'll find a range of possible enhancements for your model here. Do you need an end piece for your exhaust duct? That’s what the berbel wall box is for. From active carbon filters to external fans and recirculation filters, berbel offers a diverse range of products for high-quality vapour extraction solutions for modern kitchens.