berbel Fan units

With the fan unit, berbel offers a real alternative to tried-and-tested extractor hoods. Quickly installed, ready-for-use straight away! Made completely from stainless steel, it is extremely robust with perfect workmanship. For effective air cleaning at all times. You decide what surrounds it. For example, it can practically disappear into a top cupboard or can sit above the hob in the cladding you choose.

Fan units Firstline

Invisible force

Perfect air cleaning
berbel's Firstline fan module can be concealed in a top cupboard or in an individual structure of your choice. Thanks to its small dimensions, there's room for lots of ideas. The fan is powerful and its stainless steel body is robust - this means that the practically invisible berbel fan module is the perfect kitchen assistant for everyone who likes that special something even when it comes to oven accessories.