Firstline Touch

A compact flat fan

The space-saving installation makes this berbel extractor hood into a really smart partner. In addition, this extractor hood works flexibly in recirculation mode or exhaust air mode as desired. The dazzle-free hob illumination of the Firstline Touch built-in hood creates optimum lighting conditions. Thanks to the intelligent combination of an extendible vapour screen and dual vapour capture function, this berbel flat fan is a really strong performer. A smart solution for anyone who wants to hit the jackpot with an efficient extractor hood.

Vapour extraction <strong>with facets</strong>

Vapour extraction with facets


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Available widths:
60 | 70 | 80 | 90 cm

Further design information
Built-in hood Firstline Touch

A compact kitchen partner

The dual vapour intake in conjunction with an extendible vapour screen guarantees top efficiency when it comes to air cleaning. Dazzle-free LEDs for perfect hob illumination and preparation for energy-saving EcoSwitch mode are just some of the sophisticated details of this flat screen hood. Thanks to its compact design, enough space remains in the top cupboard for a spice rack, for example.

More details on the features


Available widths in cm 60 | 70 | 80 | 90
Acoustic pressure stage 3 (dB(A) re 20 µPA) 50 | 51
Sound level stage 3 (dB(A) re 1 pW) 62 | 63
Performance stages 3 + power stage (P)
Free-blowing fan performance, m3/h 650
Power consumption, W 85
LED, W 5.2 | 5.2 | 5.6 | 5.6
LED hob illumination, LUX 268 | 228 | 232 | 244
LED colour temperature, K 3,500
Pipe connection, Ø in mm 125
Net weight, kg 15 | 15.5 | 17.5 | 18
Afterrun function for recirculation mode ✓ automatic (configurable)
Recirculation filter saturation indicator
Rec. distance from hob 55 cm (gas hob > 65 cm)
Planning Guide
    • Room for a spice rack thanks to reduced fan box
    • Really easy and quick installation thanks to easy-click mounting bracket
    • Assembly kit offered for installation in 70/80/90 cm top cupboard
    • For recirculation and hybrid at least 10 cm of space should be allowed between the top cabinet and the ceiling
    • Designed for a worktop depth of 60 cm
    • An installation height of at least 680 mm should be factored in when using permalyt®
Product data sheet Firstline Touch BEH 60|80|90 FLT

Product data sheet Firstline Touch BEH 60|80|90 FLT
pdf – 0.06 MB

Energy-label berbel BEH 60 FLT

Energy-label berbel BEH 60 FLT
pdf – 0.08 MB

Energy-label berbel BEH 80 FLT

Energy-label berbel BEH 80 FLT
pdf – 0.09 MB

Energy-label berbel BEH 90 FLT

Energy-label berbel BEH 90 FLT
pdf – 0.09 MB

berbel BEH 90 FLT fr

berbel BEH 90 FLT fr
tif – 17.91 MB

berbel BEH 90 FLT Pe

berbel BEH 90 FLT Pe
tif – 19.59 MB