Firstline Unseen

Invisible and extra compact

The Firstline Unseen built-in hood lives up to its name. Hardly anyone would want to do without a modern extractor hood in their kitchen, but not everyone wants to actually see it. This is where the new Firstline U comes in. Thanks to its installation height of min. 360 mm, it can be invisibly integrated even into very compact hanging cabinets and it can be easily installed via easy-click-assembly.

Working <strong>undercover</strong>

Working undercover


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Available widths:
60 | 90 cm

Further design information
Built-in hood Firstline Unseen Built-in hood Firstline Unseen

Invisible force

The vapour intake is supported optimally by means of BackFlow technology, and top air cleaning efficiency is ensured with the berbel principle and the innovative Capillar Trap. The concealed, and very haptic control panel is used to control the three power stages and the strip of LED lighting, which is dazzle-free with an adjustable light temperature.

More details on the features


Available widths in cm 60 | 90
Acoustic pressure stage 3 (dB(A) re 20 µPA) 56
Sound level stage 3 (dB(A) re 1 pW) 66
Performance stages
Free-blowing fan performance, m3/h 760
Fan power consumption, W 170
LED, W 7.5 | 12 
LED hob illumination, LUX 400 | 559
LED colour temperature, K 2,700 - 6,500
Pipe connection, Ø in mm 125
Net weight, kg 18.1 | 21.1
Afterrun function for recirculation mode ✓ manual
Recirculation filter saturation indicator
Rec. distance from hob 55 cm (gas hob 65 cm)
    • berbel Connect: A connection cable (item no. 1090025) is required for connecting the ConnectionBox to the hood.
    • Suitable for cabinets with a clearance of at least 360 mm (without lower shelf) and side panels of 16 to 19 mm
    • A suitable cover profile (item no. 1090008) must be ordered for 90 cm hanging cabinets with side shelves
    • The installation aid kit BEH 90 (item no. 1005515) is required for 90 cm cabinets without side shelves
    • The wooden cover behind the hanging cabinet’s front must be removable to allow for filter replacement
    • The grating for the air outlet (item no. 1005521) is required when using the recirculation version
    • 90 degree pipe bend (included in delivery) allows for exhaust air outlet to the top or the rear
    • A spice rack with a depth of 120 mm may be installed above 360 mm
    • Can be used as fan module, with an installation frame. Not suitable for an island solution (BackFlow)
    • When using permalyt, please order exhaust air version and BUR 125 and observe minimum cabinet dimensions according to the drawing
    • The invisible FLU features lower vapour capture efficiency for the cooking zones at the front compared to a built-in hood with a visible vapour capturing module.
    • The cooking zones at the rear should therefore be used for intense cooking. Moisture that collects on the front panels during intense use of the front cooking zones must be removed after each cooking process to prevent moisture damage to the cabinets
    • A worktop depth of no more than 600 mm should be selected to allow for the most effective capturing of vapours in the area of the front cooking zones
    • In order to optimise vapour capture, the BEH FLU should be installed as close to the front of the hanging cabinet as possible. Maximum distance to the wall 40 mm
    • No wooden cover behind the front is possible in the case of cabinets with a depth between 300 and 310 mm
    • Thickness of cover behind the front 16-19 mm
Product fiche berbel BEH 60/90 FLU

Product fiche berbel BEH 60/90 FLU
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Energy-label berbel BEH 60 FLU

Energy-label berbel BEH 60 FLU
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Energy-label berbel BEH 90 FLU

Energy-label berbel BEH 90 FLU
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berbel BEH 60 FLU

berbel BEH 60 FLU
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Schrankzeichnung berbel Built-in hood Firstline Unseen BEH 60 FLU

Planning information berbel BEH 60 FLU
pdf – 0.55 MB

Schrankzeichnung berbel Built-in hood Firstline Unseen BEH 90 FLU

Planning information berbel BEH 90 FLU
pdf – 0.79 MB