Excellent products and excellent services - it's a matter of course at berbel! Our internal customer services team makes sure that everything's in order with your berbel product, even after the purchase. Our trained employees will provide you with competent advice and expert knowledge.


The berbel customer services team is active throughout Germany. Just call, make an appointment, and our berbel kitchen experts will make their way to you!

How to reach the berbel customer services team:

Mon - Thur: 8 a.m. - 5.00 p.m
Fri: 8 a.m. - 4.30 p.m

At the berbel hotline +49 (0) 5971 / 80809-0 or by e-mail to



So we can provide top service, please provide the following information when contacting our team:

  • Address
    1. Surname, first name
    2. Street/road, house number
    3. Post code, town/city
    4. Telephone no. (private, business, mobile)
    5. Fax/e-mail

  • Model information
    1. Model (e.g. BWH 90 BL)
    2. berbel hood purchase date (required to select the correct replacement parts)
    3. Recirculation or exhaust, nominal width
    If in doubt, please specify all of the data on the type plate of your berbel extractor hood. This is inside your hood.

  • Fault description
    To keep your waiting times to a minimum, please give our customer services technician as precise a description of the problem as possible. If possible, provide us with some digital photos first.

    Please inform the berbel technician about the following:
    1. Which parts are faulty (e.g. motor, circuitry, lighting etc.)
    2. If the performance of the extractor hood is poor (air is not being extracted, hood is noisy) and you are using extraction mode, check whether the cross section of the exhaust duct and wall duct prescribed by berbel has been observed. If the exhaust path has been reduced without using a berbel hybrid filter, we cannot guarantee that the system will work properly.

  • Repairs
    The berbel customer service technician must be granted complete access to the device to be repaired so that he or she can dismount the berbel extractor hood from the wall or ceiling without having to dismount wooden parts or remove the silicone. If devices are not freely accessible, the guarantee conditions of the furniture manufacturer must be observed.

  • External motors and wall boxes
    If the berbel extractor hood is operated with an external motor/wall box, a precise description of the location of the external motor/wall box must be provided. In accordance with accident prevention regulations, the berbel technician must use work/assembly aids from a room height of 2.8 m. The external motor/wall box must also be freely accessible to the berbel customer services technician. Any cladding must be removed beforehand by the customer or the furniture manufacturer.