berbel Skyline island hoods

berbel's free-hanging Skyline island hoods are characterised by their floating elegance. At the touch of a button, they glide gently down from the ceiling towards your hob where they can deploy full berbel power at the optimum distance from your hob: For clean air and comfortable headroom. As a functional lighting object and thanks to their excellent design, these hoods look great in modern kitchens.

Island hood Skyline Edge Base

Slim and weightless

Island hood Skyline Edge Play

A charmingly playful

Ceiling lift hood Skyline Edge Sound

Enjoying music to the fullest

Ceiling lift hood Skyline Edge Light

A luminous extractor hood

Ceiling lift hood Skyline

Bright and without corners

Ceiling lift hood Skyline Frame

Skyline: a clear outline

Ceiling lift hood Skyline Round

An all-round performance

Simply drive them down
These free-hanging berbel extractor hoods are a head-turner in every respect. Suspended by cables, they hang freely above your kitchen island. Activated by remote control, your moving island hood places itself into exactly the desired position. Its performance in recirculation mode is particularly impressive. berbel's efficient recirculation filter cleans the air of 97% of odours. That's almost as good as an exhaust air hood.

Clean air, all-round performance
As a lighting object with LED technology, the quiet extractor hoods of the Skyline family really shine. This height-adjustable extractor hood is easy to clean. Another smart feature: The quietness of the extractor hood. With the Skyline Round ceiling lift hood, you can be sure of all-round performance for cleaning air in your kitchen. Its strengths lie in high-quality LED lighting and minimum noise development.