An unobtrusive talent

The Glassline extractor hood adds value to any kitchen with its timeless screen of shatterproof glass. Whether in black or white, the decorative glass that hides the control element always makes a good impression. This is kitchen technology with real charm! The really quiet Glassline built-in hood can work in exhaust air or recirculation mode as desired - the EcoSwitch control gives gourmet chefs space for total flexibility. Perfect vapour capture is achieved thanks to BackFlow technology over the entire depth of the hob.

Timelessly <strong>modern</strong>

Timelessly modern


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Available widths:
60 | 90 cm

Further design information
Built-in hood Glassline Built-in hood Glassline

A discreet powerhouse

The powerful combination of discreet optics and top vapour capture make the Glassline into a unique and particularly powerful built-in hood. The extendible screen and the supporting effect of the BackFlow technology ensure full vapour capture - even from the front cooking zones. Fitted with modern EC motors, the Glassline is energy-saving and quiet at the same time.

More details on the features


Available widths in cm 60 | 90
Acoustic pressure stage 3 (dB(A) re 20 µPA) 51 | 53
Sound level stage 3 (dB(A) re 1 pW) 63 | 64
Performance stages 3 + power stage (P)
Free-blowing fan performance, m3/h 590
Fan power consumption, W 115
LED, W 5,0 | 7,9
LED hob illumination, LUX 266 | 391
LED colour temperature, K 2,700 - 6,500
Pipe connection, Ø in mm 125
Net weight, kg 16 | 20
Afterrun function for recirculation mode ✓ automatic (configurable)
Recirculation filter saturation indicator
Rec. distance from hob 55 cm (gas hob > 65 cm)
Planning Guide
    • Installation for cabinets with a side panel depth of 290 mm
    • Power supply of 230 V (power socket) must be planned
    • Recommended worktop depth: max. 600 mm
    • With use of BUF 125, the required installation height is 540 mm, in exhaust air mode 345 mm
    • Not suitable for the use of an external or intermediate fan (BackFlow technology without function)
    • For mounting in 80 or 90 cm wall units, please order assembly aid
    • With an installation depth of 195 mm the fan box can be installed behind the spice rack
    • With recirculation, plan at least 100 mm space between wall unit and ceiling
    • Pipe connection Ø 125 mm, ideal for narrow exhaust air paths. For narrow exhaust air paths, e.g. Ø 100 mm, we recommend the berbel hybrid filter as a pressure relief valve
    • For required installation dimensions, please refer to the product pages and/or the operating and assembly instructions
Built-in hood BEH Glassline BEH 60/90 GL

Built-in hood BEH Glassline BEH 60/90 GL
pdf – 10.01 MB

EN Product data sheet BEH 60|90 GL

EN Product data sheet BEH 60|90 GL
pdf – 0.06 MB

Energy-label berbel BEH 60 GL

Energy-label berbel BEH 60 GL
pdf – 0.04 MB

Energy-label berbel BEH 90 GL

Energy-label berbel BEH 90 GL
pdf – 0.04 MB

berbel BEH 90 GL E

berbel BEH 90 GL E
tif – 19.24 MB

berbel BEH 90 GL U

berbel BEH 90 GL U
tif – 19.65 MB

berbel BEH 60 GL w

berbel BEH 60 GL w
tif – 12.70 MB

berbel BEH 60 GL w

berbel BEH 60 GL w
tif – 19.87 MB