berbel's engineers have successfully created a new generation of extractor hoods. The unique berbel principle with patented technology was developed with the aim of making good things even better. The idea behind the principle is simple, and the result is all the more effective. Why not find out about the principle that makes every single berbel hood into a lastingly helpful and powerful kitchen assistant?

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The berbel PRINCIPLE on film

Air cleaning with centrifugal force. Our short film shows you how this simple and really effective principle works. Volume up - film on!

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The 3 BUILDING BLOCKS of <text-small>the berbel</text-small> PRINCIPLE


The berbel principle is based on centrifugal force. 

  1. It all starts with suction power. The cooking vapours - consisting of air, water, and fat - are sucked through a narrow but effective gap into the inside of the extractor hood.
  2. This force meets its partner at the entrance to the hood: Speed. Together, they accelerate the cooking vapours. Inside the hood, the flow is diverted through two bends. This creates centrifugal force. It hurls fats and oils out of the air. These are separated practically soundlessly and the air can continue to flow unhindered.
  3. An integrated residue separator* - the CapillarTrap - removes the finest particles of fat (around 3-7 %) and traps them. The air then escapes. Now it's just a case of: Breathing deeply!
The result: fat lasting separation. A simple principle that's really impressive. Are you impressed, too?

*Equipment depends on model